The Darkness of Memory

Step one in the plan, bring the city to the edge of chaos. Big establishments were the main targets, Hurley had already hit the firestation. A couple more thugs were ready to remove the shopping centre.

Zelos sat back and grinned, placing the phone back on its hook. The mayor was now on board, it only took a little 'persuading'. At of the end of the week everyones pay will be cut and taxes are going up. He stifled a mad cackle, his plan was genius. He knew it was genius because he came up with it.

Bring them to the edge of depravity, then dangle a lifeline so tantalising none could resist. Then laugh as the lifeline causes the end of the city. Zelos grin dissapeared abruptly, he suddenly sat back, bolt upright. His breathing became heavy, a memory flashed across his mind. His wedding day, his beautiful wife walked confidently up the isle, a great broad smile across her face. Her aura of gentle radiance was unmistakable and Zelos welled up with Pride. The supreme happiness of that day filled him. Then it dissapeared, leaving the cruel, empty darkness that Zelos had become.He slumped a little as the nightmarish vision faded. Beads of sweat sliding down his face. There was a knock at the door.

"E-Elena?" Zelos mumbled. Still dazed.

"Sir its me. Blane." A voice came from the other side of the door. "We found another target, this gym. Owned by some bloke named Jamie."

The softness that had found its way into Zelos' heart began to twist back into the steel it had been all these years. Finally he collected himself and scowled.

"Burn it." He called out the door.

The End

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