Masks and Hoods

Lilly had left Jamie to his own devices in the early hours of the morning. As much as she had wanted to watch him sleep and maybe get some rest for herself, she knew that she had already outstayed her welcome.

Questions flew through her mind. Was Jamie just humouring her? Pretending to get on with her but not having the heart to tell her to go away... If it had been Jamie that had killed Alison, then... Well, Jamie would undoubtably be dead. Alison...

It was her sister's fault that Lilly was who she was today. A violent thug who killed for money. Because in the long run, that's why she was here. Her father's inheritance was waiting for her, and with only two more years left to fight. But she didn't want to do it any more. Not after she had witnessed the kind of damage she could do to not only her opponent, but so many other people around her.

Lilly found herself sitting on a rusty bench in a bad part of the city. But it was deserted. The drunks and thugs had returned home, it was five in the morning after all.

Staring down at her shoes, Lilly thought about Jamie. Their future together. Jamie had been the one who invited Lilly back to his, the one had chased after her... They both needed each other. For support. Now they were running away. This had to be what was best.

Lilly's concentration wavered as she heard a sound from behind her. It sounded like a footstep. Who would be out this early? The city slept at this time. Few ventured outside.

Looking around, Lilly couldn't see anything she considered a threat. Nobody was sneaking around, and the area had never seemed quieter.

As she turned around again, her stomach erupted in pain. The early morning sun was blocked out by a towering figure stood right in front of her, preparing to follow up the punch that he had just delivered to Lilly's stomach. Mighty hands clutched her head, pulling it down and into the knee of her attacker, temporarily blinding her and making her head ring noisily.

Before she could recover, she was thrown to the ground and she felt something soft cover her face. A hood, no doubt. Her attacker wasn't just attacking her, he was taking her away.

As she lay still, silently taking kicks, she realised that there were two pairs of feet doing the kicking. Lost in the darkness, she blacked out...

The End

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