What Money Can Buy

Si was relieved as he returned home, opening his arms and allowing his wife and daughter to embrace him. He was bruised and shaken, but alive, and could now protext his family.

He had money, and he was happy about that. He didn't like the way he had earned it, but at least he had it now, and he could feed his family real meals, and protect them. He didn't want the money to go to his head, but he was glad to have it. As a kind of insurance.

Si smiled at his daughter, kissing her on the cheek before retiring to bed. He had had a tiring few days, and now deserved a rest that wasn't plagued with nightmares of a bloody doom. He was disgusted by what Zelos had put him through. Everybody knew of Zelos' stranglehold on the city, but few had experienced it in the way that Si had. He felt sick thinking of the situations that his opponents had been in. Probably similar ones. In trouble, desperate for money, willing to risk their lives for a meal.

It was just another example of how Zelos was corrupting the entire city. Poisoning it. When Mustaro reigned, he did it with decency. He made his money, and he was a ruthless person to get on the bad side of, but he respected his position. Zelos was different. He had changed. He had been changed. By money. Si promised himself that he would not go the same way. He didn't even have enough money to hold a torch to Zelos' fortune, but Si nevertheless promised himself that he would not become tainted with greed and blind demands. He had money, but it was not to be squandered. His family was safe. That was all that mattered.

Zelos mattered. Thinking back on the fights Si had engaged in... He had killed two people. That's two people with their blood on Zelos' hands. And that was just an average occurrence for the mob boss. How many people had he been responsible for the deaths of? It didn't bare thinking about.

Blocking Zelos and this horrible city out of his mind, Si found himself nodding off with peaceful thoughts in his mind.

All he wanted was peace. All he wanted was...

The End

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