He lifted his head and wiped his face with the back of a hand, staring at the people coming and going. How could they do it? It was cruel to do things like this to even the dumbest of animals, let alone people, "why not?" He sniffed.

She shrugged; she thought the same as him as she watched the people absently, not even turning to look at him as she spoke. "I guess I just don't want to."

He glanced at her and let his feet drop to the ground, uncurling himself. "Why?" the word tripped out of his mouth before he could stop it. He cursed again, realising he was making himself sound like a little kid, and he began to wonder if it was really so unreasonable that she called him that.

She shrugged again, turning her head slowly to look at him for a moment before turning it back. "I don't know I just don't want to; I can't."

He wiped his hand across his face again and stood up. "I need to go back to the gym..." he muttered quietly. “I didn't tell anyone I was going anywhere.”

She pulled on his arm, sitting him back down. "Sit, for a moment. You need to gather yourself; you can't recover just like that." She knew that from personal experience.

"No. I need to go back..." he mumbled, but he didn't resist her effort to seat him again.

"You also need to rest. You are not fit for work." She demanded, placing a hand on his shoulder to stop him from getting up again.

"Well who else is going to run the place? It's not like I can ask Sam to take over for a day or two is it?!" he shouted, slapping her hand away.

"From the sound of it you need more than a day of two. I'm sure someone will cover for you." She huffed, but her eyes still remained soft and calm. "Jamie, you just tried to kill me and then you broke down completely.”

"Oh, really? Thanks for filling me in there, I wasn't quite sure of what I'd been doing the last... however long," he growled. "I have to go. Adam likes playing pranks on me, even at work." he stood up again and this time, he walked off before Lilly could pull him back down to the bench again.

She rolled her eyes as she found herself running after him again. "Déjà vu," she muttered to herself before calling after him. "Jamie! Wait!" He ignored her, breaking into an easy jog to keep ahead of her. "Damn it, even if I don't catch up with you I still know where you're going." She hollered, breaking into a sprint.

Jamie just kept running, not stopping as he reached the gym, instead just running through the open area, paying no attention to the strange looks people gave him. He unlocked his office door and shut himself in, locking it behind him. Letting out a relieved breath, he pulled a microphone towards him, trying to think of an excuse to close the gym early. After a moment of thought, he decided he didn't care, and simply announced that the gym was closing in half an hour.

She simply waited outside his office after asking people where he had gone. "Jamie, why are you avoiding me?" She asked. Although she realised she didn’t even know why she was following him, just a moment ago she had hated his guts and now she was chasing after him all over again.

He considered not answering and pretending he wasn't there, but she wasn't a star of the box for no reason - she had patience. And he knew she would wait. "Is that really so hard to answer?" he asked hoarsely from behind the door.

"Wait so, you'll allow me to distract you, to comfort you when you need it but when you don't need me you'll simply throw me away?" She scratched her head for a moment in thought, he wasn’t being fair. But then, neither had she when she had shot his brother.

He unlocked the door and opened it, looking up at her. His eyes were bloodshot and teary, and as he looked up at her, he wiped his face again, but it only served to smudge the tears around further. "I'm hardly thinking straight, Lilly. I haven’t slept in two days. My little brother is dead and I couldn't stop it. I'm completely alone, and you decided to talk to Me." he tried to explain, but he didn't really know if he was making sense.

"Then as I said, get some sleep. Talk to me in the morning and then I will believe what you want." She paused for a moment and smiled. "Unless you want me to hug you again," she said it as if it was a threat, she didn’t know. It might have been.

"I can't sleep. The house was so quiet last night... but you wouldn't understand."

"Then I'll stay with you." She ignored the last part, refusing to get into an argument about how she would actually understand.

He twisted his chair around to face the desk again, glaring down at the papers scattered across its surface. "It won't help, but thank you anyway," he muttered, watching through the window as people began to leave the gym.

She sighed. "Then you will never get any sleep, how will you know it won't? It did for me..." She thought to herself, wondering why suddenly she was being so soft how she had given away everything just because he deemed it wrong. What is wrong with me?

"Well what are you going to do that would help me sleep better? Train with the weights until three in the morning and then make yourself a protein shake before going to bed?"

"If that's what it takes!" She nodded almost triumphantly although she knew it would be too much training and she wouldn’t be able to stomach the shake.

Jamie shook his head in disbelief. "Fine." he gave in. "I'll wait till everyone's gone and lock up."

She looked at him. "Wait, you actually believed me?" She let out a long, deep sigh, "oh boy."

The End

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