The Watchful City

This is just great, thought Garson. One minute I own the last thriving bookies in town and am making a decent living. The next Im on the run from a one armed madman with a stranglehold over the entire city.

"Dad where are we going?" The boy in the passenger seat of the car asked.

"Were going to find Mustaro." Garson replied, he had to raise his voice slightly to be heard over the rickety old engine of the car.

"Whose he?" The child said in an innocent tone. Whose he? Thought Garson. Zelos' predessessor. When Zelos appeared in the city, broke and on the run from where ever he came from Mustaro took him in. He recognised the slight madness in the eye of the Mob-boss-to-be. He patronised him through the Bloodbox, all the way to the top. Then Zelos betrayed him, Mustaro lost everything and went into hiding, no doubt for one million he would be happy to help in removing Garson's problem.

"Hes just a man Vince." Garson replied, Vince said no more, having realised that his father wasn't in the mood for conversation. He yanked the steering wheel hard as he turned a corner, screeching into an alleyway. The car bumped as it drove over pot holes filled with water and general debris littered around in this part of town.

Garson had a guess at where Mustaro would be, that was his destination. He knew that if Mustaro had the money he would get together enough people to come and remove Zelos. Mustaro had the means, Garson had the cash.

The moon hung over the city. It reluctantly cast its light over the city, creating malevolent shadows that hid in the dark corners watching the passers by. The city had eyes and ears of its own, Garson knew this, he would never be safe and neither would Vince. He opened the glove compartment and pulled out the pistol he kept inside as he pulled the car to a halt.

"Vince." He began as he climbed out. "Wait outside, hide somewhere good, if you hear shots run."


"Anywhere, as far from here as possible."

"But Dad, can't we just go somewhere else, run away?"

"No son, just listen to me. This is our only hope. Now go."

The boy finally did as he was told. He found a nearby bush, crawled into it and hid. Like a rabbit in a city of Foxes. Garson checked his weapon, loaded with three bullets. He put it in his trousers and walked towards the door of an old house. Checking wearily around him, watching the windows, the rooftops, the shadows.

The shadows watched him as he went. Their malevolent stares noting every step he took. The buildings spied on him alsoas the moon watched with sadness and sympathy. The city never slept, the city knew all. There was no escape in the city.

The End

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