Reunion - Jekt


Hiding under a bed was not Jekt’s idea of a attack plan, ut his chest wasn’t healed enough for real combat. Sure the Box was quick and over with before fatigue could really set in, but 5 well armed men was a different matter.

“Were is he Cleio ?” The voice was ice, rasping and unique. “This place is filthy, I find it hard to believe anyone has lived here for some time.”

“I assure you General, he was sighted here.”

“Then find him, I have business to attend to.” Palmer dismissed 3 men then motioned the last to follow as he left the rank habitat. “Is this what you have become Jekt, a Demon of Filth.” He laughed, his rasping voice grating on every nerve in Jekt’s body. Jekt watched as Palmer’s boots left the room, the door slamming behind him.

‘only three, I can take three.’ Jekt remained motionless thinking in his head. Three pairs of boot’s moved around his house, kicking and disturbing the general clatter that could only be called filth. Dirty magazines, DVD covers, Holiday Brochures. ‘Only three, I can take three.’ Again that internal voice echoed to him.

                “So this guy is some kind of bio weapon ? I heard rumour he sucks blood, and moves like lightning.” Typical Grunt, all bravado and bluff. ‘Take him last’ Jekt thought. “Maybe he’s a real to live vampire. A genetic throwback grown in a lab like some kind of pet monster.” The grunt laughed then his buddies chortled in. “Well anyone got some holy water.” Again a burst of laughter as the grunt made a cross in the air.

                Jekt rolled from under the bed, kicking the grunt’s legs out from underneath him and grabbed his sidearm as he fell to the ground knocking the wind from him. Glaring his pointed teath Jekt snarled rising to one knee and firing three bullets into a young woman dressed in red fatigues. She’d managed to unholster her weapon the fastest, unfortunate she had to die. Prioritise and eliminate. Reaching to the grunt still lying on the ground he pulled a combat knife and hurled it across the room, the third soldier had attempted to flee but collapsed as the knife buried itself into his lower leg. Screaming he flailed helplessly on the floor. Finally he turned back to the first Soldier, once full of bluster now a snivelling shell of a man. “Why are you here ?” Jekt’s voice had changed, now scarlet with rage it sang with a cruel harmonic that only served to terrify the soldier more.

                “Blood and sweat man, don’t kill me oh god no don’t kill me. What are you, GOD PLEASE...”

                “I am your nightmares made flesh and if you don’t answer me I will gut you, like swine.” Jekt punched him to the ground a satisfying crack and a yelp of pain. He fired a single round behind him silencing the crippled grunt. ‘Why, why did I do that he wasn't important.’ “Tell me why you are here, why does Palmer want me ?”

                “He wan’ts you for some job, he said you were the best. A monster. God Please .. “ His voice broke into a sob. “I have a little girl, a wife. I don’t want to die.”

                “Then why are you here ?” Jekt levelled the pistol at the now broken man. “Did you think this life would serve your family ? DID YOU.” He pulled the trigger, even with the silencer the noise seemed to echo infinitely. ‘NO !’that internal voice again. “Go.” Jekt pulled away the bullet hole in the mattress a significant win against his nature. “Leave here, and if you’re worried about your family. I wouldn’t get to close to palmer.” Jekt’s voice was his usual again, that of an old and weary man. He didn’t bother listening to the wailing and sobbing gratitude, simply picked up his gun and walked out of the door. ‘He’s alive’ Jekt stopped. “Who, the Soldier or Palmer ?” He couldn’t decide which was stranger. ‘Palmer is dead.!’ That inside voice would haunt him for days to come. ‘Palmer is dead. Make palmer dead. Kill Palmer.’

The End

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