All it takes is a moment

Adam called to Jamie as he passed, but he didn't seem to hear. He watched his boss turn the corner out of the gym, heading towards the bloodbox, following Lilly. He shook his head and sighed, but didn't follow.

Jamie had a good guess at where Lilly would have gone. That bloody box that had stolen Sam's life; all the training, all the hard work, taken away in one second, one match and the only person he could find to blame that wasn't himself was Lilly. He stalked down the quiet streets to the bloodbox, pushing past anyone that got in his way. No one raised their voice at him; the expression on his face said it all.

"It's about time you changed your mind." She yawned as she saw him approach her, when she turned she saw the gun in his hand, his deadly look piercing her green eyes.

He watched her turn and it didn't feel like he was himself anymore; he was just watching this through someone else's eyes, like a point of view camera on TV. It wasn't him pointing the gun at Lilly, it was someone else, and he had no choice but to watch. It's not me. But it was him. Just as it was him speaking; "you're disgusting. You let blood sport turn you into something you were never meant to be." he said, the words flying from between his teeth without any thought.

"Hey kid. Think this through hmm? Hey kid!" She exclaimed, she knew she could wrestle the gun from him, but without someone getting hurt was another story.

"Don't call me a kid! I'm older than you, you idiot!" he shouted, but his hand was quivering a little, the barrel of the gun unsteady.

"Fine, Jamie." Her voice was warm and calm. "Why are you doing this now?" She wondered, at first she wanted to die; a fitting end if it was by the same gun that killed her father as well. But now, now she was trying to seek atonement, she felt different about death.

"You killed my brother." he snarled, forcing his hand to be steady. No one was stopping him holding Lilly at gun-point. It was almost as though the stars of the box were held at gun-point by grieving relatives so often that no one cared anymore. "You killed him; you took away everything he had then..." his hand shook again, violently this time and for a moment, it looked as though he was about to slip and pull the trigger by mistake.

She nodded. "Yeah and if it will bring you satisfaction, bring your life back to how it was then shoot me." She sighed, tapping her hand on her chest above her hear for a moment before holding up her arms in a cross again, for the third time. His finger tightened around the trigger. He chewed his lower lip and stared at her, still trembling. With a loud curse, he dropped it to the ground, falling with it. He drew his knees up to his chest and kicked the gun away from him, shaking his head. Within moments, murderous intent had become floods of bitter, angry, empty tears.

She sighed, allowing the gun to fly across the floor. She walked over to him, crouching down to his level. "Jamie..." She trailed off, not knowing what else to say; she changed her position so she was resting on her knees and wrapped her arms around him firmly, comfortingly. Another warrior picked up her gun and handed it over to the desk. She was quite a high-ranking warrior; her gun would be displayed on the wall. Lilly would have followed him to stop him but she found Jamie more important.

Jamie couldn't speak, the hollow feeling inside of him only spreading. He let Lilly wrap her arms around him, but he couldn't bring himself to return the embrace, simply crying into her shoulder. Sitting there like that, he cursed himself. Why was he so weak? She helped him up, walking him to one of the benches nearby so he could sit down out of the way.

"I'm so sorry." She soothed, not removing her arms as she sat with him. He shook his head, pulling his knees up against his chest again. Encircling his legs with his arms, he put his head on his knees and waited for the tears to stop. She simply looked down on him, removing her arms after a while before she moved, sitting cross-legged on the bench. "I'm not going to leave you," she mumbled gazing absently in front of her, at the people that were still entering and leaving the box as if nothing had happened.

The End

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