The next afternoon the crowd was as excited as ever. The roars from the crowd were ever louder as a fan favorite, Reshia, took to the field against this new challenger. Two bullets each and Reshia had taken her modified shotgun-pistol to the box. Zelos stood silently in the crowd, checking his book as the bell tolled and the battle began.

Behind him came Port, looking almost anxious. He watched Si's movements very closely in the mirrors of the Bloodbox.

"Done?" Zelos asked. Port nodded, one over excited crowd member bumped into Port as he jumped around.

"Bloody hell." He muttered as he shoved the probably drunk man away.

"I think this is our moment." Zelos said with a hint of satisfaction as Reshia go closer and closer to Si. Port looked sympathetically out into the mirrors, he knew Si was safe, if he was honest he didn't care if the maggot lived or died. Nevertheless he found himself rooting for him once again.

Reshia quickly checked to see if her gun was loaded, then she flashed round the corner behind Si and pulled the trigger. The gun kicked slightly but no bullet left. Cursing the woman wound back round the corner, dodging a shot from Si, and slammed another bullet into her weapon. Zelos grinned.

"A string of amatuer mistakes like that." He said chuckling. "She deserves this."

"Never let someone else load your gun, if it misfires don't try again." Port continued knowingly. The women spun round the corner again and pulled the trigger. Backfire. The bullet sprayed backwards, instantly killing the champion. The crowd roared in fury. They were not happy, Zelos didn't care. He was smiling.

"Garson will never be able to pay those winnings." Port said.

"Garson is officially bankrupt." Zelos agreed. The Box opened and a group of supervisors rushed to Reshia's side. Zelos knew what they would find, a 24 shell loaded in a 22 barrel. The shell would have loadged in the barrel, causing the next shot to tear the barrel and backfire, killing the wielder. An obvious accident, nobody is going to suspect that Zelos had the barrel incorrectly loaded.

The crowd were beginning to riot now, outraged at the loss of a favorite. Zelos and Port, having confirmed success turned to leave. Just ahead of the pair a man was boasting about how he risked a large heap of cash on this and had now won back eighty five grand.

Zelos took note of this. The man enjoyed his victory, totally unaware that later that night he would dissapear and his massive sum of cash with him. Zelos smiled to himself as he left the Bloodbox arena, dissapearing behind a mass of angry fans.

Si crawled out of the box, shaken once more. He had won and finally he was free. Or so he hoped.

The End

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