Another 'Favour'

Zelos was sat at his desk in his dimly lit but immaculatly kept study. It was late by anyones standards but Zelos rarely slept. Sleep was for the weak. People often wondered at how he even lived and remained sane on such a small amount, the sanity part was still very much in question to most.

His pocket book was layed open on his desk, markings drawn over all of the pages. Some of them were doodles, others names written down for purposes only known to Zelos, others still were records of funding. His latest marking read:

Galson's gamblers

Galson owned one of the last gambling houses that bet on Bloodbox in town, the rest had been put out of business or had their owners mysteriously dissapear. Zelos' stranglehold on the betting world would be complete, if it wasn't for Galson.

There was a light tap at the study door. With his right hand Zelos attached his artificial left arm to his body and called for the visitor to enter.

"I brought him sir." Said the voice of a small, gremlin like man. Zelos nodded and the little man ushered another visitor inside. It was Si, he almost tip-toed in and was certain not to make eye contact with the mob-boss.

"Take a seat."

The young man did as he was told, Zelos didn't say anything for a while. Instead he put away his pocket book and opened a draw, pulling out a large cigar he looked intently at the man before him.

"You know why your here?" Zelos said finally. Si twiddled his thumbs anxiously as he shook his head.

"I did you a favour Si. I gave you the chance to redeem yourself and you took that chance. For that I applaud you. Now I have one last thing to ask of you and we can part ways. You will never have to hear from me again."

Si nodded

"I have entered you into a free match. Do you know what one of those is?"

Si shook his head.

"Its a match in which any combatant of any rank may participate. Using custom weapons and two rounds instead of one. " Zelos paused for a moment scanning the man for a reaction. "You will be entered into a match with a high ranking champion, one who uses shotgun shells. I have placed a bet of one million on you winning. The odds are 85/1. You are going to fight and kill this man."

"B-but" Si spluttered, he looked up now. Terror had settled into every contour of his face.

"I didn't ask you to speak." Zelos interrupted in a tone that was light, yet dismissive. "You do this and you may keep your pay for the fight, leave and we need never speak again. Now go." Zelos was confident that he needed no definate answer, nobody was dumb enough to deny a request from him. The man clambered from his seat and scuttled out, Port entered at almost exactly the same time.

"This Champion, Reshia is her name." Zelos began. " She uses 22 ball shells correct?"

"Yeah thats the one." Port replied as Zelos fished something else from his desk. He took out a shotgun shell and placed it on the desk. Port picked it up and examined it, a 24 ball shell. He already knew what he had to do.

"Lets make sure our friend Si wins shall we?" Zelos grinned as Port nodded and lefty. He remained seated at the desk of his dark study, alone, content and plotting.

The End

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