Lilly stood in the silent arena, invisible to anybody besides herself, glaring into the mirror, bringing back painful memories of her past.

The dark was creeping through the capital city of the world, but the heart of the city was still beating. In the Bloodbox complex, combatants would most likely be drowning the memories of their latest kill in alcohol, or maybe just turning in to recover their wounds. The medical ward was no doubt filled with screams of the dying, but as Lilly knew too well, the medics rarely did anything for their patients.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she could barely make out the contours of her face, but they seemed frighteningly familiar. It had been about a year now.

Lilly let the rain slide off her face as she stared down the alley, watching the dark silhouette edge away from her, not looking back.

She couldn't believe it had been that long. She was so close to her goal now. She was so close to her revenge.

Alison stood next to her, passive in the downpour, waiting for her sister to come inside, but Lilly wanted to watch and wait, sure that her father would turn back. What he had done tore him apart, tore his family apart, but Lilly wanted to forgive him. Alison was trying to be more practical.

A small smile crept onto Lilly's face as she reminded herself of how she had got herself into this situation. It was somewhat funny, how hypocritical she had been in such a time of desperation.

'We need to forget about this, little sister,' Alison said quietly.

Lilly didn't know if she could. There were bigger and more important things to do than worry about memories. The situation at hand was far more desperate for attention. Lilly brought up the subject of a burial, but Alison brushed it to the side, and turned to their future, and money.

Now Lilly was doing exactly the same thing as her sister had been doing just over a year ago, but for an entirely different reason.

'The Bloodbox is a good way to make money.'

The Bloodbox was a good way to die.

The End

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