The human blood had become stagnant for hours, it just sat in the bucket and the smell had been completely forgotten by Kaine. However, as soon as the doctor had knocked it over, the blood shifted, creating the sweet and powerful aroma that filled the entire warehouse. It took nearly all of Kaine’s willpower not to attack the doctor, who was covered in the blood, and instead Kaine pushed himself back against the other side of the warehouse, his hunger and natural instinct were eager to attack, but Kaine knew that killing vampires… even ones that he created, was against the law.

“Kaine…. Have you brought me a human?” Philippe asked in a small whisper, immediately Kaine rushed over to him surprised and relieved that Philippe was wake again and looking better than he did just two hours ago.

“No… it’s just spilled blood.” Kaine cooed brushing Philippe’s long brown hair and smiling as Philippe opened his eyes.  Kaine stiffened slightly as Philippe looked at him, not with the obedient and loyal love that was usually held in his eyes, but now with a sort of apathy and knowing look as if Kaine was just another vampire to Philippe.

“You’re not lying to me,” Philippe stated bluntly, he looked as though he was completely cured now, but there was still something about him that seemed feverish and unpredictable. “But I remember there was a human here… did you feed off that doctor that came here?” Philippe didn’t say it like a question, more like he expected Kaine had killed the doctor and drank his human blood.

Kaine hesitated for a moment choosing whether or not is would be wise of him to tell Philippe the truth or to just simply lie and hold the doctors continued existence as a vampire a secret.

“I turned him, Philippe.” The emotion was instant and dramatic, Philippe eyes burned with fire and his face that was so soft and beautiful before had now turned into a scowl made of stone. Kaine didn’t have enough time to react… or rather he didn’t expect it, as Philippe broke free from his rope binds, pushed Kaine against the wall.

His breath left his lungs as the warehouse groaned and the collar of his shirt start to rip as Philippe gripped it tighter, “why did you do that to me? I thought we were supposed to....” hissed Philippe, his canine teeth growing exceptionally long, Kaine swallowed back his fear, a vampire’s teeth only grew when one was about to feed or attack.

“How could you turn him, I could turn him,” hissed Philippe, pointing at the doctor who had gotten up from among the blood spill, “into one of us! Vampires are the better species and should therefore be for those only worthy of carrying our blood, of our history.” Kaine furrowed his eyebrows at that, Philippe had never once been a vampire who thought of the bloodline as something sacred and profound, Philippe had reached a harmony with humans that even Kaine didn’t possess. But this, something inside of Philippe had snapped, had brought out a monster that was on the verge of believing in human genocide.

“Philippe, what happened to you?” Kaine asked, his hands shook as he brought them up to Philippe’s face, it was hot to the touch as if Philippe was still feverish, “what happened to the Philippe that I turned?” in reply Philippe pushed him harder against the steel wall and again Kaine’s breath left him.

“I saw the light Kaine, I saw what our kind could become if we let ourselves be true vampires, become the vampires that we were made to be. Vampires are the next stage in human evolution and we should just get rid of the old species now and repopulate the world in our own image.” Philippe’s eyes went wide and awake, as if he were seeing God or feeling a presence. But it scared Kaine, it scared him because the man that he had turned had become just like Daryus Marston, who had basically said the same thing about humans being the ultimate species.

The End

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