Foul PlayMature

I was not asleep, not really, I believe I was in a way 'playing dead'. I understood what was going on around me and that foul play is a foot. It was when I began to feel weightless that I allowed my act to be seen through. My nose twitched as I smelled the scent of home. I was near the forest, with Thorn.

I opened my eyes and placed all my weight against his chest, unbalancing him. His damn quick moves meant he turned himself round like a cat, so I was the one being crushed by his weight. I changed into human form, my arms holding him close to my naked body. No doubt this would be more uncomfortable for him.

He growled into my ear, his pseudo-breath unnaturally chilling my neck; "I thought you were leaving."

"I was, but something... I cannot explain is holding me here," I paused in thought, "plus, you wouldn't want to be left alone with Emilia, would you?" It was a threat, if a rather benign one.

He pushed me off him, moving a few tail-lengths away, "I don't care what's keeping you here," he spat, like a spider would spit venom at its prey, "And you wouldn't help me with Emilia, anyway," he frowned, showing his weaker side. He was right though, I wouldn't, not a hell's chance I would.

"No," I agreed with a half-nod, "not when you glamour your own girlfriend to forget a part of her life." I paused, the next bit I was taught so long ago by none other than Emilia herself; for long ago she was my teacher and so much more. "Immortal or no, time is precious."

"She's not forgotten her life," he murmured, confused. "And I'm not changing her anymore - not unless something poses a direct threat to her life. I don't think it's right to force her to drink blood all her days, seeing as she is such a caring soul."

I tried my hardest not to growl, though my voice was tense, "That has already been done," she was already tainted, already at risk of losing her humanity and becoming like Emilia. "I don't like liars either. You changed her life. She has forgotten me - I am part of her life... or I was!" I turned my snarl into a downward tug of my lips.

"I thought you were asleep," he muttered. "And it was because I don't like you, mutt. I thought it would be the easiest way to make sure she stayed mine. We worked hard for this relationship and you're not good enough for her."

"You're being selfish, it is not your choice! Not to mention, she is not yours. She is herself. You're scared that maybe I am so good for her, she's actually falling away from you!"

Thorn looks pained. "I'm not scared of you, mutt: I'm scared for Flora. And if you only knew how much I want to make up for everything I did, you'd let me try to keep her a bit longer." He turned away and stalked off.

"If you love her you'll let her choose!" I growled. "Your actions only prove your fear and weakness!" I could feel my heart beating fast and I knew that the urge would prove too great if he lingered here.

"Shut up. No one values the words of a dog." Oh dear, I guess I just can't hold back anymore...

"She does, such is her caring soul and be careful." I warned, my breathing becoming heavier and a smile spread from eye to eye; "I can still tear you limb from limb..." I charged at him, changing in the process as I pounced, bowling him over.

He moved his neck upward, sinking his fangs into my neck, bloody leech, I only hope my blood kills you. If only those films were true. His damned taint, I wanted to eradicate it, drive it from this world, exorcise it from this plain of existence - destroy it.

I stared into his eyes, my claws sinking into any flesh it could find, my teeth close to his face, my breath streaming over his cheeks and nose. I let out a low growl, my golden eyes shimmering.

'If I die, Flora will kill herself,' Thorn thought in my mind. I had completely forgotten about his charms over her. I had forgotten how much she felt. Damn, I suppose it wouldn't be as easy as making him a small mud stain on the face of Gaia.

'Then you will change what you have done.' I thought back, my wolven voice deeper and wiser than my human. More graceful and eloquent. 'It is not your right to choose for her. She was born free and you have already taken away her humanity.'

'Why don't you understand? I just want you out of her life. Can't I fix what I've done with her? Can't you imagine what hurting her feels like?' I must admit, I never got leeches. He wanted to atone, not to hurt her and yet he changed her and then keeps her all to himself, clipping the bird's wings.

'Then let me do one thing, let me at least say good bye and I will fight... every instinct to leave.' After all, her love or lack of it was hurting me and I needed to get away, to lock myself away to... make myself dead to the world.

"Fine. But keep to your word, Wolfie, or you'll regret it." His threat was hollow to me, I had already bested him here and my arrogant side knew I could do it again; alas, I guess I would never find out.

I brought back my claws, jumping off him, my head lowered. 'I will follow you back, to anyone else I will mearly look like a common husky or such domesticated ancestor.' I never minded the bigger ones, such as akita's, great danes and the like but I refuse to believe that those... 'accessory' dogs are any part of my lineage. That my blood became so diluted... damn humans.

He first made his way toward the forest, but I let out a low growl. 'No, Vamp. Remember.' Was all I thought, the power to talk kind of let me when I saw his direction. I knew what he wanted, to clean himself up. Not an option. Not there.

I guess, this was it. Time to go, to leave, to move on... Although, I needed to get rid of Emilia first.

The End

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