Apology for a FlowerMature

I walked, slowly, back to the garage. What I had seen there...

My flow, that place... they were treading on sacred ground. His taint, the taint of death was already strong there without the unnaturalness of reversal. Vampires, treading undeath wherever they walk, tainting the ground beneath their feet. Only thing is, cities, they're already tainted by the humans' pollution and sin. Vampires should be at home there. What little places that still hold natural beauty, they should not be spoiled.

The Earth... she's so young.

I looked up at the building, ironic that I fix cars, the beasts that pump fumes into Gaia's sky. I don't want to do this, I don't even want to be here but, alas, one must earn money to live in this world and one must also live to be apart of life... that's a given, no? But, this life was not one I want to be a part of.

I remember the stories, of our kind running free amongst the pines. Of free-flowing rivers undisturbed by these... dams of concrete and misery. The birds, soaring free through crystal skies... oh, how I wish I was born that little bit earlier.

I shook my head, I would have to do something, perhaps I would move into our old house... away from this city and it's plague of humanity.

Have you ever felt, like you just wanted someone there? Just someone to talk to, or hold you close? Someone's warm arms and friendly banter. I needed that someone now. Anyone, a stranger, anything. I took a deep breath and turned around. Flora.

I raised one of my hands and rapped my knuckle on her door. The wood was cold, the tree had long since lost its soul. I smoothed my hand along its surface, muttering my condolenses and mourning.There was a long pause before Flora answered.

"Alex?" she gasped, Thorn immediately appearing behind her.

"Flora," I smilied weakly. "I'm sorry."

"You are?" she asked, looking surprised.

"Yeah, what I did, just then was wrong of me but please never go there again."

"We won't," she assured me. Thorn didn't look convinced, though. "Did Emilia send you to do this?" he asked.

"Emilia? I haven't seen her in a while.... in short, no. But I am not happy that you tainted that place with your... foul being. You don't know how much you have offended me leech."

He shrugged. "I don't particularly care."

Flora looked disapproving. "Don't call him foul."

"You have no idea, do you?" I sighed, "humph, I came here to apologise, but I guess a warning will suffice. Don't lay a single hair inside that forest."

"Okay," Flora said pacifically. A single frown line creased her brow. "But ... you know, ... don't be too judgemental about vampires." Thorn gave her a warning look but the damage was done

"That place is my home. My mother's home. My father's home. My... my sister's home. Unnatural death has already left its mark. I need no more undeath there. Vampires do not bother me, just where they tread."

"What about your garage?" Flora whispered.

"Flora," Thorn moaned.

"It won't be mine much longer, hopefully, but you can walk within this city all you like."

She nodded. "Thanks. But .. where are you intending to go?"

"To my forest."

"To live there?" she asked, looking slightly sad.

"Yeah, in my family's old house."

"But ... I'll miss you," she said. Thorn did a facepalm.

"Yes well, I see I'm boring your... boyfriend. I'll be going," he murmured, turning his back to the door and setting off down the path sharply

"Don't! Thorn, stay here," she said, rushing out after me. "Alex, wait!" she caught hold of my arm

I hung limply there, my shoulders dropping as I let out another sigh, not moving my head up to meet her gaze. "Yes?"

"I will miss you," she said sincerely. "And I am sorry. Perhaps, if things were different, I'd be yours. But I'm Thorn's and nothing can help that." She leant in to kiss my cheek. "Please don't forget that I care."

"What if, hmm?" I muttered, unsure to finish the sentence or not.

"Don't go there," she murmured, looking pained.

"But, what if I was your soulmate? Just a chance... would anything be different? Would you regret anything?"

Flora's brow furrowed. She looked away. "If you were my soulmate, .... I'd appreciate it if you let me break up slowly with Thorn first. I guess I would really hurt over how I've treated you - more so than now. I ... I wouldn't regret loving Thorn: of course I wouldn't. I.. I don't know how I'd feel about the fact that Thorn was turning me." She paused. "I'd be with you, if that's what you're asking."

"Hmm, well, it was just a thought. Thank you for indulging my curiosity..." I pulled her into a weak hug suddenly, resting my head on her shoulder. "I'm sorry I let the sun blind you, Flower."

"I never understood that analogy," I whispered. "And ... call me Flower again. I don't know why." I felt her quivering slightly. In the background, Thorn swore loudly. Flora didn't seem to notice.

I pulled away; "a flower, with too much sun withers and dies. Thorn... he's bright... isn't he?" I hinted, trying not to give anything away just yet.

"Thorn ... is too much for me?" she asked dubiously. I noticed her breathing slowing down. It had had to quicken in order to slow, ... hadn't it?

"Not what I'm saying," I smiled, enjoying my little secrecy. I began to walk away, "See you soon, Flower."

The End

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