Forest of LifeMature

Of course, the first place I would go was to my forest. It wasn't as serene and peaceful in the day, but the sun was just setting so the creatures were setting themselves to bed. Even when they were awake, it was a sort of harmony the songbirds created. I loved it here, I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else.

But, the harmony was unbalanced today. The bird's call were in warning and the trees seemed to bend in the direction of the breeze as if recoiling. Someone was here. I followed their scent and the trail of disturbance. I may not be part of a pack, but this woodland was a part of me and I it. This was my pack, and the creatures here would help me defend it. Unless, of course, that taint was unnatural itself.

Like a Vampire.

I met his eyes, challenging him, urging him to attack, daring him. "What..." I let the lump in my throat subside into a low growl, "What are you doing here?" It was less of a question and more of a demand to know. Yet, I couldn't care less. I had the priority of making them leave.

She glanced at Thorn and then at the floor, "nothing," she whispered. It struck no emotion in me, evoked no human empathy. I wanted them gone. I would make them move if they did not do it on their own merit. 

"Leave at once. Now."

Flora turned to leave, pulling at Thorn's hand but he stood still and pulled her back in toward her. "We don't have to do what he says," he told her. To me, he said "It's a free country." There was something odd in his expression. Something guarded yet immense behind its wall of protection. I noticed he was too distracted to insult my species.

"Yes, in the veiled world. But here, in the night world, I will have you find this land belongs to my pack and thus, to me. You will move as I have the right to destroy you on sight. You are trespassing. Move."

"We didn't know - honest," Flora insisted. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be too harsh on her," Thorn murmured as he led her out, his request fell on deaf ears. Not here. You did not bring yourselves here. I felt like warning them, telling them what would happen if they came again.

I didn't feel I should give them the liberty.


Outside the forest, I heard them stop. "Are you okay, Flora?" Thorn asked. "I've felt the thoughts of ... of ..." He couldn't say whatever word he meant. "Their emotions go all over the place."

"I'm fine," she murmured. "You've always been an anchor to positivity."

I howled, a long, loud howl that echoed through the forest, joined by a chorus of other animals, my pack, my family, my life.


The End

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