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The day drew on, and I was visited by Emilia. I couldn't say for sure I knew her intentions, nor my feelings for her. All I knew is that I needed for Flora to be safe. It was like an overwhelming feeling in me that tugged at my insides. What I wouldn't give for just... oh, what am I saying? This is ridiculous. I've known her for just a week and I knew nothing about her. It was lust. My instincts, my primal urges... yes, it was all there. I sighed, and resigned myself to bed till morning.

When I awoke, I awoke with a familiar sting around my neck. I stood, dragging myself to the bathroom where I splashed cool water onto my face but just as I picked up the towel I noticed something. A shimmering bead of silver running across a band of white leather. I knew it. I remembered it. It wasn't pure silver, only about a half - just enough to keep me under control.

I swore under my breath, a simple curse for the memories that were once again surfacing, the cool rush of air in my lungs reminding me she was still watching.

I got changed into a pair of jeans and a white tee before heading downstairs. A hunk of rust lay in my garage and I vaguely remembered the guy that had dropped it off yesterday. He was an old man, grey hair with a crooked back; his car mirrored his appearance. It was certainly old and the rust was almost unrepairable but the guy had placed his deposit, and his credit checked out so if I was getting paid for it, I didn't much care.

I started by looking it over, it was a mess. The insides were twice as worse as the out, I sighed inwardly. It was going to be a long day...I looked up as I heard footsteps. Oh, this day was going to be longer than I thought. I straightened my back and wiped my hands on my work rag.

"Alex?" Flora called uncertainly, her corpse in tow.

"Yes?" I answered politely, just as if she was any other customer. I wasn't beyond being civil... though I was fighting myself not to lunge at the zombie's throat.

She seemed struck with horror as she noticed me; "is that... a collar?" She murmured, almost painfully. I dunno why, she wasn't the one wearing it.

"Yes," I nodded.

"That .... That's atrocious!" she exclaimed. "You're not an animal, Alex. Well, you might be that but you're not some household pet." She ran up to me and started looking for a way to remove it. "Take it off!"

"Ef will only put another one on... and I can't touch it anyway. It's at least a half silver," I explained calmly, but she still looked horrified.

She froze. "Doesn't that hurt?"

"Not really, it stings, but not enough to immobilize... or kill me." I murmured, after all, I was quite used to it and at least it didn't look no worse than the average dog collars that Goth's wear.

She continued to stare at me though, with sympathy and pain in her eyes. "I'm so sorry," she whispered.

Thorn walked up behind her. "You've seen him now, Flora. I've other things I want to do with you today." He looked at me. "She wanted to check you were still sane, after what you said as we left yesterday. You are sane, aren't you, puppy?"

Just then I knew, I fought every instinct in my body and knew what Emilia wanted. The sweet nothing in my ear... I was hers and in turn, I was his.

I bowed for a short while, "yes sir, my health both physical and mental is nothing to be worried about. I am perfectly sane."

"Why are you bowing to Thorn?" Flora asked, shocked. "Thorn's not your master!" Neither is he yours... yet you bow to his every whim - willingly. Your affliction is much worse.

"Explicit wishes, Madam Emilia is quite taken with you, sir." Ahh, now I was to play the messenger boy. Like Hermes... but without the wings on my heels.

"Taken with me?" Thorn looked partly worried, partly amused.

"She can't have him!" Flora said sharply. Thorn instantly frowned.

"Stop that." he ordered her harshly and concisely.

She lowered her eyes to the floor. "You'll see, at some point," she whispered. He snarled. She didn't say anything else.

"Well, Alex," she said, sighing. "I'm glad you're okay - though appalled by how you're being treated." And you? You bow to his every will and follow him like a lost puppy... but the one vital difference. I was being controlled by someone. You are choosing your own actions. I was wrong about you.

"Don't worry about me," I muttered, "Emilia would like to invite you to a... dinner." I wouldn't have called it a dinner, there, awaiting him would be a young girl, glamored to forget everything. That, to me, is not dinner. "Tonight at the Grand Marina Hotel. Alone."

Thorn looked a little apprehensive. "Alone?"

"Simply without Flora, you are allowed to bring any other company," most of this was relayed... straight from the horse's mouth as it were.

"I don't have any other company," Thorn said. "I've arrived here from Britain. What time's the dinner?" Ah, she knows this. Although, I don't think Emilia will do anything to harm Thorn... she's smitten. Ah, poor creature. Ha.

Flora sighed. Quietly, she murmured "You're actually going to go?" He words fell on deaf ears. Certainly I had stopped listening to her whines over him. And I thought it was bad when she was away from him. Damn it, she's brought me nothing but trouble.

"As soon as the moon rises."

"Romantic," Thorn murmured, a smile tugging at one end of his mouth whilst Flora sighed in exasperation and wistfulness.

"One more thing, Sir, related straight from her word. 'I give you this, dog. For as he is mine, he is also yours and will not harm you. If there is any task that needs doing, he will do it. Consider it, a gift.'" Emilia hadn't referred to me as 'it'... well, ever and we had known each other for a long while.

"Oh my goodness," Flora whispered.

Even Thorn looked a bit wowed. "I can control you?" he asked. Flora winced but Thorn didn't really pay attention to her. I bowed simply in return, I was used to this. This, seemed natural to me. Freedom seemed foreign.

"Sit," he said, sounding curious and of course, without a frown or hint of hesitation I carried out his bidding - I sat.

"No," Flora cried softly, sounding aghast.

"Cool," Thorn said, smiling. "You really know your place werewolf. Very well, you can get back to your work. If you see Emilia, tell her I accept her invitation."

He turned to Flora. "Come now, Flora." I stood, just as she reluctantly followed him out of the garage, casting an agonized glance in my direction before leaving.

At last, I breathed a breath of relief. I can get to my work.

The End

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