The Primal HungerMature

I looked up at the stars, at her, my only love. She was so glorious, round and bright like a beacon of hope in the darkness. The stars twinkled around her like loyal servants, each carrying a part of her – they kept her whole... together it was a majestic sight, so royal and; euphoric.

I looked back at Flora and sighed, I let her see me at my weakest and I regretted it. At least now I could work back to my real self. The Florida nights were cool, but my nature (and the alcohol that flowed through me) kept me warm. I ignored what she last said; I wanted to change the subject. I was tired of it. Tired of hearing about him, whoever he was. That’s the thing, I didn’t even know who he is but I hate his guts.

Mmm... just the thought of chewing on his guts and gnawing on his bones. Growl. Eugh, I haven’t eaten in so long. Rumble. Okay, okay, I’ll get food as soon as she’s home and safe.

I turned my attention from my stomach, back to Flora; “So, Sweet-cheeks, you going to school here?” I wondered, it was a valid question (and hopefully wouldn’t land onto the subject of you-know-who.)

She regarded me with a frown of confusion and took my eyes off the sky, for just a second, “Sweet-cheeks?”

“Just a nickname,” I shrugged, looking onto the streets. It was awkward looking at her, made something turn in my stomach. I’d much rather watch the orange light pool onto the streets.

"Oh... It's a bit far," she said, smiling ruefully. "Like gorgeous and angel. Too much. Don't flirt," as they say, you can’t teach old dog’s new tricks. Okay, I’m not really an ‘old dog’ but I still won’t really change much.  

"Sorry, I'll bear that in mind; question still stands, mind." I sniffed the air. It’s gonna rain tomorrow.

"Um, yeah, I guess. We've not really sorted out anything yet. I'll be a senior, though – I know that much. What about you?"

"Dropped out when I fourteen," I stated simply, nothing much more to it than that.

Her expression became one of curiosity. "Really? Was that allowed? You have to stay till 16 in England. And even then, I think that's changing to 17." Wow, she sure liked her statistics; it’s hard enough focusing on her talk as it is.

"They wouldn't argue, not with us." Not with my family, we were infamous, we were strong...were strong.

"Fair point but ... I don't really live like a witch much." She looked slightly embarrassed. "My cousin offered to teach me magic but I declined." Hmm, so she’s not even a powerful witch, she’s pretty... human after all.

"Oh? Why?"

She shrugged. "I don't know, really. I just wasn't interested. I like human education. And I could choose because I was a lost witch till I turned 14." She grinned. "Hey, 14 was an important age for the both of us." Don’t assume... but she was smiling, it was pretty, like a waxing crescent moon.

"I wouldn't really say important."

"Significant choices were made, wouldn't you say?"

"My education wasn't really important, I guess I was either gonna drop out or get kicked out." Graffiti, vandalism, even assault on a teacher once I was far from a prodigal child.

She nodded, allowing that. "Yeah, okay. But ... was there nothing at school you loved? Had a passion for?"


She nodded. "All right. So... is your passion cars?"

"I dunno, maybe."

"You don't have a passion? Oh well, guess not everyone does. So..." She trailed off but quite suddenly she glanced up at me, curiosity burning in her eyes. "Have you ever had a girlfriend? ... Or boyfriend?" She blushed.

"Yes. Once," he murmured, looking to the sky again.

"Which?" she asked. "That is ... if you don't mind me asking. I won't judge if it was the latter rather than the former." Gosh, she spoke so confusingly, she made me feel even dumber than I knew I was.


"Girlfriend or boyfriend?" she repeated softly. Why did she just say, “Are you gay? Do I have a chance?”

"Girlfriend,” I smiled, my eyebrow arched slightly at her questions.

"Wh-what was she like?" she asked hesitantly.

"Beautiful; eyes like the ebbing tide and hair like spun gold," I shrugged it off; I had gotten over her a long while ago, though I will admit, she was a goddess in my eyes.

"Are you okay?" she asked sympathetically, like she thought I might be covering up pain at the thought of her.

"Yes, perfectly fine," I genuinely smiled back, I didn’t need her sympathy. I am Alexander Falcon.

She nodded. A wistful look came into her eye and she gazed into empty space, "Love's nice, isn't it? While you have it, while you can't tell it's destroying you..." She sighed deeply. "I think I still love him," she whispered, so quietly I wasn't even sure she'd actually said it, but she did. And it was all back to him again.

I sighed, "You must, you won't stop talking about him," I murmured just a little bitterly, though I had no idea the venom was there.

She must’ve caught the bitterness in my tone because her attention snapped back to me, "I ... I'm sorry, Alex. You don't want me. Not really. And I'm sure there are loads of girls who are desperate to be your girlfriend."

"I never said I wanted you,” I shrugged, I’m sure I never implied it either.

She blushed. "I'm sorry. It was just ... the other day. You said I was too good for you. I thought..." She ducked her head down. "Just ignore me."

"I'm a wolf, you know how far up the Night World food chain we are. Not very,” damn rich vampires thinking they’re better than everyone else. I didn’t mind witches, but vampires I hated.

"I've got a very human attitude," she confessed. "I think everybody's equal. There was only one person ever I truly thought was better than me and that was because I adored him." She swallowed hard. "Sorry. You must get bored of hearing me talk of him."

"Not at all," I smiled. Yes, God yes.

She snorted. "Don't lie."

"Don't snort, piggy," I chuckled.

She giggled. "Don't call me pig, wolfie."

"I'd rather be a wolf than a little farm pig," I grinned, poking her in jest.

I poked him back. "I'd rather be a cat than a pig OR a wolf."

I yowled in mock pain and grabbed my arm, "Ow, ow, you've wounded me!"

"Yeah, right," she replied, rolling her eyes.

He smiled, "c'mon then beautiful, let’s get you home,” I quickly replied. My stomach was so empty and I didn’t want to risk letting the beast out, not around her.

"Why?" she asked, sounding surprised. "I don't have to be back till midnight." What shocked me was she didn’t shout at me for the nickname. I suppose Beautiful will have to do from now.

"Well, I'm rather tired," I murmured, a hungry glint in my eyes, Oh sh...crud.

"Ah, okay," she said. "Well, thanks for tonight, Alex. I'm sorry about the emptiness. And I'm sorry about hero-worshipping someone else in front of you. 'Specially since he's cruel and vicious. You must think I'm mad. Are you okay to drive me to the garage?"

"Yeah, I should think so," I nodded with a faint smile, I was so hungry now it had begun to get painful.

 She hesitantly put her arms around me and snuggled into my warmth, "You're not so bad," she murmured. Too close... she’s getting... too close.

"Thanks, gorgeous," I murmured, hugging her back

"Don't push your luck," she muttered, but I could hear the amusement in her tone.

I smiled and let her go, "Come on then, piggy."

She crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow. "I can always go back in there and find someone else to take me home. I believe I recall a spell of persuasion..."

"Fine by me, wouldn't want the smell of bacon stinking out my ride." I laughed, starting to walk back.

She followed me. "Watch it, you. I can Skype call my cousin and have him put a long-distance spell on you."

"You wouldn't," I grinned, confidently, calling her bluff.

"Why not?" she asked, grinning straight back at me,

"Because, I know you wouldn't."

"You don't know me, you complacent werewolf. Watch out. If you're not careful, you're going to wake up with a curly pink tail."

"Yeah, well, then I just can't wait for 'him' to come and get you," I snarled with a slightly animalistic tone. I could ignore the pain, I’d felt worse hunger pains.

She stiffened. "You don't mean that," she whispered, pain in her eyes.

I wordlessly growled and bit my tongue. Hard. "No..." I murmured, "No, I didn't.” I was sincere, I really didn’t. But when you’re fighting your humanity to a starving wolf, you’re not the kindest person in the world. For this, she didn't talk to me for the rest of the walk, or even for the duration of the car journey. She just looked like she could burst into tears at any moment

Of course, I didn't mind. I was in no state to talk. Though talking was human. "We're here. Go; get your car, drive." I murmured with a shifty glace left and right, clutching my stomach. She noticed the gesture and frowned slightly but obeyed, obviously still upset, but I was in no state right now to care about her feelings.

As soon as she turned her back, I turned into my primal self and bolted to the first animalistic scent that hit my nose, the smell made me drool almost. God, I was so hungry... the kill. I needed the kill. I needed the taste of flesh in my mouth, sliding down my throat. I needed to taste that irony blood. I needed something anything in my jaws... in my stomach.   

The End

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