Summer DreamsMature

It was another blisteringly hot, Miami summer afternoon. I rolled down my blue overalls and wiped my forehead with my oil rag before tucking it into the folded down dungarees.  The sweat rolled down over my well-defined stomach muscles, making my sandy tanned skin shimmer in the sunlight. I could tell by the admiring glances of the women walking past that they wanted me - and I would quite like to mate with them (their wolf-whistles suited me better than they knew.)

I ran an oily hand through my downy caramel hair and winked one perfect eye back at them before getting back to work, after all, this Bugatti Veyron wasn’t going to clean herself.  W16 engine... full carbon fiber body, silver finish and a glorious shimmer in the midday sun. But she held a secret, yes, just under her bonnet was a tribal paw, just like the one on my arm - My baby.

I glanced to the clock, quarter past three by the time I’d finished. I closed the hood gave her one last run over, I’d need a shower tonight and more bookings if I want to keep this place open. Two whole weeks and not a single person come in for anything; it was starting to get depressing. So, I brought out one of those collapsible lawn chairs and resided to watching the streets.

I gave out a deep sigh. What I wouldn’t give for some action, just once, maybe a thief or possibly a guy that had stolen an old woman’s hand-bag. You know, like in the films? Damn. I guess I should go get a shower, but it’s far too early to shut up shop… never know, some babe might walk in looking for a ride… heh.  I snickered to myself, resting my feet up on my toolbox, trying not to fall asleep in the sun.

Oh, I’d love that. To curl up in the warm sun on an old patio, dreaming as the world just drifted by, a slight breeze ruffling my fur, maybe a friendly hand scratching my ears – heavenly. The thought was enough to send me dreaming, and I nodded off to sleep. What can I say? I like my… dog naps.

The End

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