Blood Moon HowlingMature


I closed my eyes as firm but gentle hands rested themselves on my waist, sighing contentedly as cool, unnecessarily displaced air tickled the hair at the back of my neck.

‘Hi,' I whispered.

He didn't reply. Instead he planted a kiss on my nape and turned me in his grasp, raising one hand so that it tangled in my hair. His other hand held onto my waist as he leant down to kiss my lips.

Sparks. Fire, electricity. Shivers like ice but exciting, invigorating. We fell into a rhythm, him now pushing my body up against his as I failed to control the noises coming from my throat. He moved from my head and to my neck, caressing me while he kissed my neck, again and again; I felt his teeth graze my skin, sharpening, lengthening...

Down! But now he was forceful, gripping too tightly. I was moaning in pain and fear as my mind filled with his furious voice:

"You never loved me, never cared, lied to my face, you wicked..."

It was drowned out by my anguished pleas of ‘No! You've got it wrong! I didn't lie!'

"I know what I saw," was the fierce reply, sending a sharp pain through my thoughts like a shard of broken glass hurled into flesh where it sank in and spread wild, vicious agony.

My tears fell like rain upon his skin but he was as indifferent to them as he was to my ragged gasps.

I tried to resist, tried to pull away but his strength was greater and it was like trying to fight a slab of diamond. And gradually, black spots appeared before my eyes. Waves of dizziness and nausea rolled over me, their shared intention to lurch me into unconsciousness. As he showed no signs of ceasing, I was agonisingly aware of my mortality.

The infinite night swept over me as I heard a chilling voice in my head.

"You won't deceive me again."

I woke up, gasping. Sweat covered me as if I'd just stepped out of a shower. I lay there, uncovered, my duvet apparently on the floor. I stared up at the unfamiliar ceiling, framed by lilac-coloured walls and longed to be swept away by some mystical ocean that carried you off to a distant land where you could forget your life. Because, as long as I was in the same world as him, I was in danger.

The End

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