The Power of Now - Pain's Nemesis

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle would be classed in the ‘Spiritual’ genre I suppose.  I have never been a spiritual person, I lost faith in organised religion many years ago, and have never had more than a passing interest in the fads of enlightenment that come from the East.  This book rose to fame mainly because it was featured on the Oprah Winfrey show which brought it’s teachings to a much wider audience than it had previously known and deserved. It is difficult to explain the effect that this book has had on me without seeming cheesy and fake, but I’m going to try anyway.

                For the majority of my life I have suffered from depression and bi-polar disorder and have suffered greatly for it. This suffering did bring out my creative side and helped me to write and to appreciate the darker side of life.  But I did suffer intensely. Suicidal thoughts, anger towards myself and others, feelings of worthlessness, these are all things that I have felt intensely and I imagined were a part of myself.  I thought that my suffering made me unique, that it was an essential part of my personality and character.  Up until a few months ago at least.

                My suffering came to an all time high, and this time there was no trigger. That’s what prompted me to realise that things needed to change.  Also, my energy and interest in anything dropped and I stopped getting out of bed in the morning and missed most of my classes in college.  My work deteriorated, my ability to budget money, to keep myself healthy -  it was all gone and I had no idea why I felt this way I knew that it needed to stop.  So, when my older brother rang me to ask how I was, for the first time in my life, I told him the truth.  He calmly invited me to stay at his for the weekend and that is where I was introduced to this book.



       This book will help you to let go of anger, pain, regret, resentment, and any other negativity that is completely useless in life.  It will give you healthier relationships, help you to understand why people act the way they do and you will be unable to stop smiling after you have read it.  And if you genuinely try to understand it and take it as an opportunity for happiness, I give you my personal guarantee that ‘The Power of Now’ will change your life instantly.  There is no waiting with this book.  Once you understand the words on the page, that’s it. 

The End

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