Yakedo TenpaiMature

I went to bed early that night.  I couldn’t be late if the captain requested me personally.  When I awoke the next morning I felt refreshed and ready for the morning training session that had been announced the day before as the new normal training time.  I made my way down to the training grounds and arrived as the wake up call resonated through the sleeping quarters.  It didn’t take long for people to pile into the training grounds.  As the last member slotted into place captain hitsugaya showed up in the same way as the day before through the main gates accompanied by Rangeku.  He approached the group and said

“Today I will put third seat in charge of training.  I need rangeku and myself to asses the new recruit” he then motioned for me to follow him so I bowed out of the line and followed as yesterday.  When we reached the sparring arena and prepared for the fight Rangeku drew Haineko and began her attack.  I defended with the same efficiency that had saved me injury more times than I dared count yesterday alone.  It wasn’t long until she released her shikai,

“Unare Haineko!” knowing I couldn’t defend without my shikai I whispered

“Yakedo Tenpai.” The sword instantly erupted in flames catching the attention of most of the squad, when the flames settled I held an elegant rapier.  A hand guard in the shape of a gold, dragon’s skull which dropped from the front of the blade over the hand.  The Blade itself was glowing red with the heat it emitted.  I knew I needed to heat up the battle quickly so I lunged forward recklessly and soon had to dodge Haineko.  I felt my sword burn brighter.  I charged again and again until the sword burned with the power equal to Haineko.  Releasing the pent up heat, my rapier shot searing flames from the pommel upwards, it reached the tip then stopped. It heated the air around me, giving me control over the heat which I focused on Rangeku to make it harder for her, then I focused on the twister she had summoned with haineko, channelling the rest of the heat at the bottom which heated the air.  The twister was no longer able to sustain itself due to lack of cold air and it fell apart, leaving Rangeku with nothing but her normal sword.  After it became clear I was overwhelming her, captain hitsugaya called

“That’s enough!” I stopped the relentless attacks mid-swing and sheathed my Zanpakto, “I’ve seen enough,” he paused for a moment then asked, “why didn’t you release your power from the start?”

“My Zanpakto wouldn’t let me,” I answered, thinking it self explanatory.

“Why not?” he didn’t seem to follow

“My Zanpakto stores energy exerted in battle by me so the more tired I get the more powerful it gets until I release the pent up energy in the form of heat and heat control.”

The End

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