Lesson one in learning to release my ShikaiMature


The girl from squad for patches me up quickly, and all the while I feel horrible that I cannot pry my eyes away from her beautiful green ones, I had to admit she was pretty, and I should stop thinking about her!  She leaves quickly to some other area needing her assistance.

"Ug I'm an arse,a failure and a perve." I say with self loathing.

"You wouldn't be the first person who has thought they are a failure." Someone says behind me casually.  Turning on my heel I see the pink flamboyantly dressed captain Kyoraku.

"Captain." I say instantly kneeling on the spot, he gave out a laugh.

"You showed some skill earlier in the ring, you weren't like your friend just waiting to fight, you seemed to have looked more like it was pain having to draw your blade. Well that's what I observed anyway."

"Well sir, erm, I'm not very good, and what was the point of fighting it wasn't like I needed to."

" That's a pretty good attitude other than the fact your not very good, but that can be changed quickly. Not everybody learns the same way as the academy expects you to. So for you I think I'm going to throw you into the harder stuff, starting now your going to begin with learning Shikai."

"What?!" I ask knowing with my weak soul pressure I couldn't do anything.

" Well stop standing there training starts now." He says as I get hit across the side I tumble to the wall getting to my feet in the last few seconds grabbing the hilt of my zankpaktou. 

"Another fight?" I groaned.

" I wouldn't call it that because its a bit one sided."  Lt Ise stood. 

"You could have given a bit more warning. my little Nanoa." The Captain commented, she instantly became flustered, while I thought this was insane. After a brief period of time Lt Ise disappears from my sight with flash step. I can barely see her let alone dodge her next attack. I side stepped still getting taken hit by a fist.  I fall forwards and catch my step running to a farther position. How was I supposed to learn anything from this? I finally unsheathe my zankpaktou while doing so I inadvertently blocked an attack from her hearing the sound of the two swords clashing but not seeing her blade. She appears in front of me her hand in her sleeve for the 2 hours a pattern similar to this occurs but each time I slowly improve, pushing my limits in strength the point where I just fall to the ground unable to move.

" Captain I'm not sure what your are trying to demonstrate but since your lack of effort and your general laziness I must do paper work, training small fry is a waste of my time. I will not be here tomorrow." She says obviously disappointed by something.

"But Nan.." The captain stops his feet turning towards me laying on the ground breathing hard. 

"We were both expecting more improvement , but you did will today."He says kindly.

" Sir  why are you expecting anything from me?" I finally ask.

" Just the look of your Zanpakutou is different, and your family line is intriguing . Not saying you'll be great or anything but something about you shouts potential. Tomorrow I pair you up with Tatsafusa our third seat you met him earlier." 

"Lovely." I mutter, weakly getting myself off the ground."

"Be here tomorrow morning at seven." Kyoraku says, as I watch walk off before hobbling myself to my new home to patch myself up. If he thinks I have potential then I will do my best to prove him right! I think with real resolve.

The End

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