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The Three worlds (Soul Society, Our world and hell) are beggining to merge togther, Minos Grande are becomeing an every day oponant and the world is slowly being thrown into chaos all by Azians hands . As this mess is happening new soul reapers just graduating from soul reaper academy are thrown together from there different respective squads after a espada attack on the outside of the wall of the soul society.



I stumble into squad eights training area  my new uniform loosely fitting and somewhat dragging behind me. I trip and land face first into the dirt. My new teammates quietly laugh.  I get up ignoring the obvious fact I'm a Klutz, and not very skilled. I always wanted become a seated officer when I was younger but throughout my dreadful career in soul reaper academy it became quite apparent, I will be nothing other than canon fodder or a grunt. Still I was going to try ,even though around every turn and corner there is only another person saying I can't.  Its worn down on my willpower but each time someone says 'I can't' I do my best to show them otherwise so far no success yet, and the only reason why I graduated soul reaper academy was because captain Kyoraku said something to the higher ups.

I'm not even sure why, I met the man once in the gym and I utterly failed in front of him. I guess he just needed an extra grunt.  The third seat of the squad 8 walks in front of my fellow graduates. Starting some speech about analyzing skills. 

"You, and you!" He points at me and I realize I was not paying attention.

"Uh, what exactly are we doing?" I ask.

"A bit of sparring to show unique skills." He says," Were you not paying attention?" He say a little angry.


"Never mind just don't let it happen again."  He leaves and I find myself in a red ring against an old friend who stood two feet taller than me. He draws his zankpaktou, as I draw mine which looks like a simple Katana say the elegant hand guard ,  the length of the flatter side is increased by a few inches, and the hilt was covered in a red string with a black string with charm of some sort hanging off.


He charges forwards I bring my blade up in defence just blocking the attack, My hands at eye level I slash up  missing my opponent.  I step backwards as he begins the chant of a kido,the only thing I can accomplish with my kido is low level barriers, one attack, and I'm really good at healing. Making me think I belong in squad four. A ball of singeing flames fly at me. I jump above it,and slice down. It explodes sending me up above ring on fire.

"Ow this burns!" I scream.

"That's enough. Next two!" The third seat say just as I hit ground.

"You okay?" Someone asks. I look up and see a girl with squad four insignia. I jump up to my feet.

"Just a few slight burns." I say but noticed I was lying because my left arm was charred black.

"Come this way it will only take a few minutes." She sighs.


The End

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