Wrath of The ProgenitorMature

So I guess your all wondering what this is about, well allow to explain. The last couple of years I've been writing on the roleplaying site Bleach Gotei.com. When I joined my original aim was to improve my writing as I had a good few idea's for some stories in my head.
Well I think I've improved my writing from when I started and now I'm itching to branch out a little. What we have here is part of a solo piece that I am working on for the site as an example of my work. Any feedback appreciated.

Opening his eyes all he could see was darkness, like the expansive of space devoid of the twinkling bright lights of the stars. In a futile attempt he tried to manoeuvre, but could feel the chains binding him to the chair constricting even the slightest of his movements. Trying to shout, he found that he was unable, as a rag gagged his mouth. The panic inside him quickly rose causing his body to tremble, as his muffled sounds became more and more excited and strained. Sitting in terror, the commotion he was making had attracted the attention of another. Instinctively he bit down on the cyanide capsule that had been installed in his tooth, a standard protocol of any acolyte of the Black Thorns. But horrifyingly, he realised that the whole tooth had been removed. Moving the tip of his tongue softly over the swollen gum, he felt an extreme pain, causing his tongue to recoil. Someone had forcibly torn the molar from his mouth leaving a gaping hole and the small nerve endings exposed. He could feel the presence in the room staring at him. Whoever they were, the air felt thick with their menace.  


   Each footstep towards him was slow and methodical, Shaun Novak, Acolyte of the Black Thorns, could feel it in his bones, to his very core. He knew what was coming next. The presence paused, silent as a ghost in front of him. There was an aroma in the room that he could smell yet was unable to place it, spicy and pungent it was. The sack that covered his head was whipped off and the blindfold wrenched away.  The bright light that now gleamed into his green eyes momentarily blinded him, causing his head to rock back. A few seconds passed and his eyes readjusted to the circumstance. Rolling his head forward, Shaun looked upon the face of his captor. His blood ran cold, in disbelief as he starred wide eyed in equal measure of horror and disgust. They all knew who he was, for them he was more than just an enemy, he was figure to be hated and feared, akin to the nightmarish stories of monsters that you’d tell children. The last of the accursed creator’s bloodline the one who would dare attempt to undo them and their divine work.


The Progenitor, Donovan Darko.


    Removing the gag, his crimson eyes seemed to bury deep into his soul as if he was being evaluated by him. Then a smug smile crept across his face, as he took a lug of the oversized cigarette. Blowing the smoke into Shaun’s face, the smell corrected his mistake, it wasn't a cigarette. The progenitor appeared to take slight delight at Shaun’s disgust. ‘’Right, I want a word with you.’’ His voice stern and unwavering, like the determination that was in his red eyes.


    Taking in a few gasps of air, Shaun defiantly uttered with hateful venom in his words. ‘’The fucking bitch’s mongrel son, I have nothing to say to you.’’ Whatever fluid that he had in his mouth, he spat out at Donovan when he finished speaking.


  The phlegm landed squarely on the lycan’s cheek, but Donovan was seemingly unfazed and didn't even flinch as it slipped down his blood stained face. Leaning forward he reached out to Shaun’s right hand with his own, whilst talking plainly, as if he was ordering a pint of beer in a pub, somewhere in the south-east of London. ‘’That’ll cost you a finger mate.’’


  Shaun heard the snap first and then felt the pain as it coursed through him. Crying out in anguish, Donovan clamped his hand around his mouth to stifle the noise. Snarling at him, the mongrel spoke louder than his failed cries. ‘’You’re going to have to man up. I’m only getting started and I’ve got a garage, chocked full of tools to get through. So what’ll be? Unimaginable torture at my hands, that’ll last for as long as I see fit. Or, you could tell me what I want to bloody know, and I will let you go, un-mauled. Scout’s honour, dib dob and all that old bollocks.’’


 Donovan lowered his hand from his mouth. Reasserting himself, Shaun mustered his strength and fuelled by his emotion screamed out at Donovan. ‘’Go to fucking hell you….’’


     Another snap interrupted him mid-sentence causing him to cry out in anguish. Instead of clamping his hand around his mouth, this time the lycan just stood there and watched. ‘’You taking pleasure in this, you damn filthy animal?’’ Shaun grunted through the pain.


  Donovan remarked plainly ‘’Not in the slightest. You tell me what I want to know and I’ll stop, it’s that simple.’’


‘’Whatever you do to me, I still won’t….’’


 Donovan hand gripped another finger, pulling at it so that it was near breaking point and held it firmly in place, shutting Shaun up again. ‘’Won’t what? Hmm, ya got a big gob that works, how about a bloody brain to go with it?


    The lycan relinquish his grip of his finger and backed off. ‘’I’ll give you some time to mull over my rather generous offer, considering what your lot have put me and those I know through. Beside this joint is dead and I might as well roll myself another.’’ Donovan said as he walked past Shaun out towards the exit of the room, as he left he patted him firmly on his right shoulder saying. ‘’Don’t go anywhere.’’


   Shaun was left all alone in the room, looking down at his right hand he stared at his fingers that had been broken, all deformed and out of shape. Crying out he swore and cursed Donovan’s name in a fit of rage. Trying with all his might to break the chains that bound him, the acolyte was incapable of doing so. The power that he was gifted with did not enhance his strength. Shaun was of small stature anyway, so he was psychically unable to do anything regardless. Gazing around the room, the blonde acolyte started to take in his surroundings. It was a dingy and untidy mechanic workshop, the power tools dotting the area all plugged in and waiting to go.


   This was the first time that he had felt the sensation of fear in many years. But through that fear, Shaun religious convictions gave him some semblance of courage and belief. They would not abandon him; they would find him, rescue him and purge the filth that would side with the baseline curs. It would be glorious. But they would need time to find him, Shaun was a realist in this regard and time as he was aware, was in short supply. The mongrel would return soon enough and it’ll begin again, the torture. What horrifying painful things had Donovan planned for him to experience?


   Shaun quietly muttered part of a verse from his religion. ‘’May the Vanarchs and Lord Saviour Michael, give me strength.  This is my hour of need.’’


   Outside Donovan sat with his back against the wall of the garage, adding the finishing touches to his joint. The lycan hesitated from putting it to his lips; all of this was a lot for him to take in. What he was about to do, was truly abhorrent to him. But the Black Thorns needed to be stopped; they had already shown what they were willing to do. The recent attempt to kill him and those that had been pulled into the dreamscape had been an eye opener for Donovan. They would not cease, till every human that wasn't gifted was dead. But why? How? What for? When did this crusade begin? These questions and many more like them swam through his mind that he wanted answered, but did Donovan really have the stomach to torture Shaun for the information? ‘’What the fuck are you doing?’’ He questioned himself as he shook his head.


‘’Whatever it takes, you agreed to that.’’ ‘The Voice’, purred at him like a tease in his mind.


    It was true what the ‘Voice’ said. After the Black Thorns had tried to murder him and the others, she’d ‘persuaded’ Donovan in her own way to act, providing information to him on the whereabouts of a small cell of acolytes. Placing the joint between his lips the lycan remarked as he rose up from sitting down. ‘’Yeah, I know that I did. Does not mean I have to like this or even want to do it. I just know something has to be done to stop them.’ He replied in his thoughts.


      With a tinge of delight in her words, the ‘Voice’ replied with a tiny giggle. ‘’As they say, the show must go on.’’


  Lighting the joint with his black zippo and after taking a large drag he mused to himself ‘’Best I put my game face back on.’’ Taking a deep breath Donovan slowly opened the door, seeking the resolve to do what must be done.


     Shaun heard the door creaking open as the damn mongrel returned.  He could hear a chair being dragged across the room towards him. Planting it in front of him with a certain degree of space between them, Donovan sat down and said nothing to him, instead the lycan just smoked away on his putrid marijuana before him. In silence they stared at one another, the events leading up to him being captured playing over in his mind.


2 hours ago


  Sitting in his office Shaun cheered and fist bumped the air in delight as he saw the operatives of his cells appear on the compounds monitors in front of him. Speaking into the microphone of the headset he was wearing, the blonde haired man congratulated his fellow acolytes, with a smile brimming across his face. ‘’Now that’s what I call a wrap, excellent work.’’  


 Their cell was only a small group, consisting of him and five others. Shaun was their controller, the eyes and ears of the operation, so to speak. The objectives that they had been given wasn’t the most glamorous, but it was a duty bestowed upon them by a Vanarch. They were given selected targets to acquire; those whose genes had been blessed much like their own. These specimens, which had lived alongside the human scum, for so long need to be brought into the fold. Re-education was the term coined, but first they needed to be herded. That was there job and they excelled at it. Prideful Shaun and his small group were in their work.


    Clicking a button on the switchboard, Shaun opened the shutter for his comrades so that they could enter the compound. Watching them drive up on the screens, he left his post to congratulate them personally. He knew how to motivate his own people well, that’s why as a team they worked so well. On exiting the room though, he missed a silhouette clear the back fence appearing on his monitors.  


 On entering the mess hall, Shaun made a beeline to the fridge. Opening it up, he removed a six pack of beers that was to be shared. It was complete, done, finished. No more would they have to interact with the lower humans, after all of this they’d get to go home. It’d been over six months since there operations began and Shaun missed his loved ones dearly. Mary, his six year old daughter would soon be seven and this time he wouldn’t miss her birthday. His wife Lauren strong in her beliefs had given him an earful all the same, even though he was on mission at the time. Not this year, this year as a family they would celebrate it together. Hopefully Mary would soon come of age and manifest her gift.


  Stepping out onto the catwalk with the beers in hand he walked towards the middle of it. Shaun was watching eagerly as the plain white van came into view and stopped beneath him. He caught sight of Marco Dejesus first as he quickly opened the passenger’s door, the Spaniard jumped out and quickly scurried to the back of the vehicle. He was a large man Marco, especially in the belly region. As he moved Shaun chuckled to himself, staring at his friends belly wobbling back and forth like a barrel bobbing in the waves.


  On opening the back doors of the van, Shaun watched eagerly as Marco helped Dwayne Matheson and Claudia Raines pull out there captive, who was drugged and handcuffed to a stretcher by their hands and legs. With haste they wheeled their prize over to the other side of the compound, so they could prep her for transportation.  Each acknowledged Shaun, with brimming smile’s as they went off shouting and whooping in joy towards the elevator that would lead them down to the basement level. Billy left the vehicle last, closing the driver’s door and scratching the stubble of his dirty blonde goatee, seemingly deep in thought. His younger brother then looked up at him and waved. He liberated a can of beer from the pack and chucked it down to him and then said once his sibling had caught it. ‘’So little brother, how’d you find this year’s hunting season?’’


   Billy appeared to mull over the question as he opened the can of beer, once he finished swallowing a large gulp he answered. ‘’Too be honest I’m relieved it’s over. How long do you reckon it’ll be to extraction?’’


  Looking down at his expensive antique Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers watch, Shaun replied, excited by the realisation. ‘’Should be about two or three hours till evac.’’


  His younger brother walked away in the direction of the small untidy hovel, that he called a room, saying disinterested. ‘’Well I’m going to get a start on my packing. They’ve got the target secured so they don’t need my help.’’


    Carrying on along the walkway, Shaun headed towards and then down the metal staircase that lead to the ground level. Reaching the elevator’s doors, he pushed the button to call the lift back up. The acolyte wanted to check in with the others. As he stood there waiting, Shaun felt like someone was watching him and indulged the instinctive urge to turn around. He peered around the side of the van and out towards the front entrance.


No one was there at all.


  The sliding doors of the elevator opened and choosing to pay his sixth sense no heed, Shaun turned back around and entered the lift, shaking the feeling off. Reaching out he pushed the button and the doors closed. The descent to the next level did not take too long. Heading into the hallway, Shaun turned left and followed the voices that lead him to the processing area. Standing in the doorway he watched the trio at work getting the target ready for transportation. Already the girl had been disrobed and redressed by Claudia, who was finishing fastenings the straps of the straightjacket over the hospital gown that she now wore. Her original clothes Dwayne was throwing into the burning furnace and Marco was rummaging through the girls bag that was designed in the image of Jack Skeleton from Nightmare before Christmas, examining her belongings intently one at a time and then placing them on a table. ‘’Good, seems like things are going along smoothly.  Who’d want a beer then?’’


  Scratching his thick dark beard Marco piped up first and quickly rose his free left hand in the air, then said ‘’Si senior.’’ His gaze though never shifted from the targets possession in his pre-occupied hand.


    Dwayne was next, the tall Jamaican standing up straight from his crouched position, spoke in a relaxed tone. ‘’Gwarn (go on) my bad bwoy, set me one them.’’


  Snapping two beers free, Shaun threw both of them a can each and then asked Claudia ‘’How about you? Want one?’’


    The alluringly dressed Claudia shook her head and seemingly pouted at Shaun. ‘’No, I was expecting something expensive for a job well done. Not just a can of beer from the fridge.’’ She remarked disappointed. 


  The men could not help but chuckle at the French lass.  Once the laughter had died down, Shaun said to her. ‘’Don’t worry my dear once we get home, I’ll get the missus to crack open a bottle of our finest. How does that sound to you Claudia?’’


   ‘’Merci’’Claudia replied in delight as she completed her job, making sure the target was completely secured and sedated.


    Seeing as Dwayne and Claudia were in need of jobs to do so as to pass the time, from now to extraction, Shaun decided to delegate them some duties. ‘’Claudia, Dwayne, since your done here. Get prepping to leave. I don’t want any delays for when it’s time to go.’’

      Both acolytes nodded and left the room leaving only Marco, Shaun and the target. Shaun walked towards the bound girl and looked her up and down, then asked the Spaniard. ‘’Has there been any signs that she has manifested her gift yet?’’


    ‘’No, she hasn’t.’’ Marco replied.


   Ten minutes had passed and once arriving upstairs, both men found it curious that Claudia and Dwayne were nowhere to be seen. Stepping out of the elevator Shaun shouted out there names loudly. The sound of his voice echoed around the compound but there was no reply to his calls and that made the acolytes uneasy. Turning to Marco, Shaun ordered. ‘’Go look for my brother; he should be in his room. I’m going up to check the screens see if I can find those two.’’


  Without another word Marco headed off in the direction of Billy’s room whilst Shaun quickly hurried up the metal staircase towards the direction of his office.  Reaching the monitors the acolyte looked at the screens so that he could find out the whereabouts of his team. His eyes widen in fright as he could see Dwayne’s body on the floor outside of the compound. But as he tried to reach out for the microphone to contact Marco of this discovery of an intruder, Shaun felt an enormous force clump his head and his vision of the world blurred and faded to black. 




 Seeing Dwayne on monitor, sprawled across the ground was the last thing that Shaun remembered, before he was knocked out cold. Concerned for his time he asked ‘’What did you do to with the rest of my team?’’


   ‘’I killed ‘em all. Pity about the French tart, she had one hell of a cracking arse on her.’’ Donovan remarked plainly to him, yet held a mischievous grin upon his face.


  With all his strength Shaun screamed out at the lycan, as he rocked back and forth with violent intent. ‘’I’LL KILL YOU! I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU! YOU KILLED MY BROTHER! I’ll....’’


 The back hand from Donovan snapped across his face, the force dislodging another tooth from his gums. Still reeling from the blow, Shaun spat out the tooth onto the floor. Looking back up, he saw that the mongrel’s face was mere centimetres away from his. Needless to say, the stench of breath as he spoke stank. ‘’You really think, that you can back up those threats? Hah, don’t make me bloody chuckle ya stupid prat. The state that you’re in you couldn’t even batter your way out of a wet paper bag.’’ Even though the lycan’s voice was calm, Shaun could hear the tinges of hate in the words, that seethed under there surface. The feeling between the two was mutual.


   Taking in a deep breath of air that filled his lungs, the acolyte composed himself and defiantly said. ‘’Do your worse mutt. Know this though, the Vanarchs will respond tenfold.’’


   Sitting back down in his seat, Donovan then said. ‘’Vanarch, I’ve heard that name before, that dickhead of a Russian Dmitri was spouting it off like a mong. So the Vanarchs are your guv’nor’s then. Enlighten me a little about them.’’


 Shaun stayed silent, but not for long as the room was quickly filled with his screams. The mongrel’s dirty hand had crawled its way across his thigh morphing as it went and he jammed his thumb viciously through his flesh just above the kneecap. The sharp claw of his thumb pieced through the bone like it was butter and just poked out beneath the underside of the chair. He could feel Donovan wrenched the thumb inside the wound to the left, then the right and back again to amplify the pain. Through his screams he heard the mongrel’s booming voice bark at him ‘’TELL ME ABOUT THE VANARCHS! WHAT ARE THEY PLANNING!’’


    The pain was tremendous but it was the squealing sound that was made sickening. ‘’No!’’  Shaun wailed as his body convulsed. ‘’Stop. By the blessed Vanarchs, stop.’’ 

The End

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