Surukita watched as Shazu slew the hollow.  He was at a distance so he couldn't of helped very much anyway.  He flashed stepped to Shazu who looked over at him.

"Stronger than normal."  He said staring at the spot the hollow had stood.

"Notice how it's spirtual pressure fluctuated at the end?"  Shazu replied.

"I hope someone else isn't screwing around with hollows again."  Surukita said thinking about Aizen.

Just then his phone rang.  Another order.  Surukita looked at his phone, it was nearby, a friend of this hollow maybe.

"I'll get this one."  Surukita said suddenly flash stepping away without a answer.

He flipped open his phone again.  The hollow was closing in.  Blinking closer and closer.  But then it jumped and......impossible, it was right on him.  He looked to the side just as a thick blue claw hit him.  He was thrown against a stone pillar.  He looked around.  He didn't see any humans or pluses.  He drew his sword and attacked.  He jumped and slashed, the hollow countered and there was a spray of sparks that rained down.  It appeared to have a protective armor on its arms.  The hollow was serpentine and had four legs and a pair of big arms.  The mask was silmilar to a hockey mask, but it had large teeth in the middle.  He pulled back and the hollow attacked with its three clawed hands.  Surukita couterattacked and sliced through one finger.  But the next one stopped him.  Again he dropped back and the hollow lurched its neck to max height.  Nearly 40ft tall, it ominously began to drool.

"Plunder the red gold.  Yodatsumugenchi!"

Red light inveloped the sword.  And Surukita held up his new battle hammer.  The skulls glowed bright with his reiastu.  The hammers red grip glinted in the sun.  The hollow screeched and brought it's arm down on him.  Surukita rose his hammer and jumped.  The weapon collided with the creatures armor, obliterating it and tearing into the flesh below.  The hollowed screamed as Surukita pulled the hammer right through the hollows arm and tore it off.  It flopped to the ground spraying blood messily.  The hollow reared back and screamed.  Surukita lifted his hammer once more, smashed it right into the things gut.  There was a discusting sound like a balloon poping.  The hollow belched out some blood and fell back on itself.  Surukita looked rather pleased with himself and began to stride off with the hammer slung over his shoulder.  With his back turned, the hollow which had appeared dead suddenly sprung back to life.  It sent it's remaining arm after Surukita who heard the sound of movement and looked back.  There was noting he could do.  The clawed hand sped twoard him.  Then a flash of fire and the arm was severed cleanly by a unknown figure.  The man flashed stepped to the things head and cut it's mask in two.  There was a brief pause and blood gushed out.  The hollow began to disapate and the figure stood up and looked back at Surukita.

"Idiot.  Watch your back."  A voice belonging to Shazu said.


The End

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