Bleach: Expeditionary ForceMature

A Bleach fan fic, about soul reapers

Shazu hated residing in a gigai but because of recent events it couldn't be avoided. His leader was eaten by a hollow a week ago along with a few other members of this expeditionaryforce.  Shazu had become a Kendo instructor so he could support himself in the world of the living which made things, so much easier. He only had to teach for three hours, and spend the rest of his time on the look out for hollows.  Today so far had been quiet no appearances of any hollows so far, but he didn't think that would last to long.

As he waited Shazu made his way up a hill towards a park named Triway park. It was relatively quite there throughout the day, and the others didn't know about his little safe haven away from everyone. Lately he had been going there a lot lately, he always wanted to lead his own group, but he never expected to be doing so because the leader was killed. Not only that he had become the centrepiece of hope, he had to lead these guys through. He was responsible for all of their lives. He knew they needed back up but the soul society wasn't in the slightest bit interested in giving them any at this particular time. So it was down to him, and each day these hollows seemed to get stronger.

As Shazu sat down the soul phone rang from one of the others. He dutifully ignored, as he sensed a big spirit pressure nearing.  The phone started to beep rapidly.

"I know, I know!" He turning it off and putting one of those artificial soul pill, that would take care of the gigai for the time he was out fighting the hollow. Within a second his shinigami ( soul reaper form was pushed away from his body) Wearing a black sleeveless kosode revealing the dark coloured fifteen on his right Bicep, and a large sword worn on his back differing from the usual soul reapers unreleased zanpakuto. He turned around with an annoyed look on his face.

"You! You stay here, you don't talk, at all, pretend your sleeping or deaf. I don't care just don't say anything or move! Got it!"  He yelled at his gigai who was now hosting a goofy smile, and was dancing on one foot. Why couldn't those think tanks in squad 12  develop an artificial soul that wasn't annoying,or retarded or both?

"Yes sir!" It said seriously with a salute.

"Good if you so much as move to the next bench I will crush you!" He yelled, before taking off towards the large spirit pressure. By now he could feel the others spirit pressures but he was the closest one to the Hollow, knowing he was going to be meeting one of the soul reaper eating hollows he prepared himself by going to Shikai immediately.

"Destroy Hikemmakaze!" An exploding noise was made as the sword grew in length, and width as well as lighting up in a blue fire. A hole appeared near the hilt where it became serrated and swirled around with wind and fire. The whole entire right side of of the blade became serrated as well.  His own spiritual pressure began to rise drawing the attention of the house sized hollow ahead.

The hollow charged towards him and opened up its fist revealing a beam of  purple condensed spiritual energy.   Shazu didn't even bother stepping out of the way as he brought his sword up stopping the flow of energy and actually in the process as he swung reversing it causing the hollow stagger backwards. It was strong but if that was it's strongest attack their was no point even going to shikai. Shazu thought as he flashed stepped forwards, and hit the monster white mask head on. It cracked a little but Shazu underestimated his opponent.

More spiritual purple spiritual pressure gathered around the hollow. Shazu pulled back but the hollow was suddenly faster, and managed to smack him down to the ground with tremendous force. Shazu recovered quickly that wasn't going to take him down easily, but it did catch him by surprise.

He jumped forwards reaching the hollows height,"Grind." He commanded as a ghostly blue image of the the serrated side of his blade shot down cutting the hollows shoulder as well as streak of flame exploding at hits feet.  It howled in pain, just as Shazu made a second attempt at the hollows mask.  Attacking the hollows head and mask was the simplest way of killing them but sometimes the hardest.  This time he managed to make a crack but he didn't hit deep enough. Orange spiritual energy gathered around him.

"Flamegrind!" He commanded this time the blue flames turned a deep orange and made a vertical line down the hollow, obviously irritating it has it yelled.  A small explosion occurred and a lot of blood flew into the air. The hollow was finished and began to disintegrate into the air. It had large amounts of spiritual pressure, but for some reason it didn't maintain that level for long.

"Whatever mission accomplished for now." Shazu said putting his hand over Hikemmakaze turning it back to its original state.

The End

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