Intense Training Part 1Mature

"So.. all this time you've been working for him," after a near faint they'd sat me down on the couch, just in case, "you gather intel on the Seretei for the benefit of an ex Captain..."

"I can imagine your shock Takeshi," Kichirou nodded at me, "but please grow up a little bit and just accept it," he shook his head but he was smiling all the time. I really wanted to punch him.

"Well, don't you want to know why I came?" I asked, a hand was firmly clenched on the side of the seat.

"Oh right, yeah," he gazed at me expectantly, "well?"

I couldn't help but milk this a little, and said nothing for a while as I inspected my hands.

"Answer me!" he stood right in front of my face and a little spittle hit my cheek.

"You're breath smells, and I finally learnt Shikai," at that point he almost fainted, so Mia helped him next to me, so we sat side by side in shock, she herself was a little surprised. I admit, that grinded on me a little. "So how about you finally fight me with Shikai?"

"Give me a second, this is an astonishing moment." Kichirou sat wide eyed.

"Why? Mia and another guy in our class has one, is it because its me? Why does everyone underestimate me all the time? Fight me, I'll show you I'm worthy!" my voice had been rising in frustration all  the way through but a pair of fingers suddenly dominated my sight and smacked me on the forehead.

"Pipe down Takeshi and listen to me," he paused for a moment and closed his eyes, breathing slowly, "Mia, please leave us, I'm sure you have things to do at the Seretei. His eyes were still closed.

"Yes Kichirou sir," and in a black blur she disappeared.

Suddenly he fixed his gaze on me. "I don't think you realise how rare it is for people to acheive Shikai, more importantly, for a student to reach shikai-"

"-but the othe-"

"-They are second generation soul reapers naturally born with the abilities of their parents, it is much easier for them to achieve Shikai and beyond due to this inherent skill, but for a simple shinigami, it is unheard of."

"What are you saying?"

He sighed, "it doesn't matter for now, but I think we should get some training done, I think its time I finally showed you my own Shikai." Excellent. "But not here, we must go to a safe place where our reiatsu won't be detected."

He led me through the woods, deeper and deeper until it was so dark from the dense canopy that I could only just see his figure. Eventually, as my eyes adjusted, he pulled on a vine. The ground slowly opened up and he stepped down. I was almost blinded. It looked like a huge open rocky area with a bright sky.

When I stepped down, the entrance closed and it looked like we were coming down a large rocky hill. 

He jumped down to a large flat area. "Here we can go all out, no holding back. The walls reflect reiatsu, this place was designed by a friend of mine for the training of promising soul reapers." I was so ready I was practically shaking, "but before you see my shikai, first you need to beat me in my unreleased form. I need to know you are better before we can progress to such a level. You are free to go into Shikai."

"I don't need shikai to beat you now, me and my zanpakuto fight as one!" I lied.

"Then prove that, make the first move," he stood waiting, not even in a defensive position. If I moved fast, I might just be able to get him before his guard rose. I prepared myself, then used shunpo.


The End

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