Not too lazy then.Mature

I landed hard on the wooden floor sliding a bit before hitting the back wall.  I quickly got up and took my stance.

"Nice hit any harder and you would have won.  I won't go down so easily though."  I smiled it had been a while since we'd played this game

"I thought that would have at least broken a floor board or two." Atsuko landed elegantly in front of me as she spoke.  This game was simple the first to break any part of the arena looses. That means you had to use your opponent to damage the arena to force your victory.  Suddenly Atsuko was distracted.  I took my chance throwing a heavy punch at her.  Atsuko without looking back at me sidestepped my attack and tripped me.  I hit the floor and broke a single floor board.

"looks like I loose again."  This game was designed to improve versitility in battle.

"I think he needs help finding something." Atsuko could tell what was happening outside I was completely focused inward.

"someone outside?" I asked having guessed the answer already.

"Yeah you should help him." She looked toward the door then finally back to me.

"Ok then but I'll want a rematch after ok?" I smiled then headed for the door.  I opened my eyes to see the open door I was sat in front of before.  I instantly knew who Atsuko had been talking about.  I arrived near the front gate quickly.  To my surprise no one was stopping to ask why he was here.  They must all be too busy with preparations for new recruites.  I walked over to Aurelio Shard and asked:

"Are you looking for someone?"

He turned surprised by my presence he might have been here a while. "Err... Yes I needed to pass on a message to the lieutenant

"Sorry the lieutenant went home already today." I said, He had actually just forced his work on to others so he could have a day off.

"oh no Omaeda today then? Well only him and the captain are to know this."  He said looking hopeful

"Sorry Captain Soi Fon found out that the lieutenant was off and went to give him more work."

"Ok then." He didn't seem surprised I guess their arguments and fights had become well known through the officers.  "Well i'll tell them next time then." He got up and left the grounds.  I went back to my room.

"I guess he's not lazy every day then." I said to Atsuko as we travelled back.

The End

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