Kichirou's Base of OperationsMature

I was running as fast as I could. I was already way outside the Seretei as headed towards the building I knew so well. The small cabin that lay just outside the West district in its own copse of trees. I’d been waiting for this for a long time, everything in me was tensed up and ready for a fight, a good fight.

I found the familiar path and followed it uphill. Once inside the ring of trees I unmasked my reiatsu and burst through the door. The sight startled me as much as them.

A wide-eyed Kichirou leant against the side of one of the walls, the serious look replaced with mild shock. Which quickly turned to confusion. Meanwhile a black cat with vivid yellow eyes lay perched on the side of his chair, surveying me coldly. And previously conversing with both, was Mia.

“What the hell’s going on here?” was all I managed to ask.

“Takeshi, why are you here?” Mia’s astonishment had turned to anger.

“Relax Mia, he is an... apprentice of mine, I s’pose you could say, I’ve been training him.”

“Well that explains alot-?”

“Hey you still haven’t answered me-!”

“I mean he was often kinda weak when he was fighting me, clearly he was burning both ends of the candle,” Mia had placed her finger on her chin, thinking it through.

“Hey!” I cried in outrage, “and what’s happening?”

“Oh you mean you’ve been training with him too?” Kichirous seemed a little surprised here, “I thought he was a little weak too,” Kichirou and Mia seemed totally engaged in this revelation.

“Excuse me-!”

“Excuse me indeed,” the cat muttered, “you seem to be a little distracted here, Kichirou,” the voice was deep, almost as deep as Kichirou’s and it came from the cat, “You’re just like Kisuke sometimes-“

“Wait... a talking cat!” the cat rolled its eyes and licked a paw for dramatic purposed.

“Yes a talking cat, now be quiet, we’re discussing important business beyond your small meathead brain.”

“Don’t be so hard on him,” Kichirou laughed, rubbing the back of his head. The cat gave him one look and he said nothing about it, “you’ve got to know though Takeshi, anything said here cannot leave this room, that’s imperative, do you understand?” I was still annoyed that they hadn’t properly answered my question, so I nodded agreement, impatience getting to me. “Good, then carry on Mia.”

She looked once more at me with annoyance, then disregarded me and began talking. “Well it’s as I was saying. Rukia Kuchiki of squad 13 is being assigned to Karakura Town, and that’s everything,” she bowed then, and stepped back into the shadows.

Kichirou looked at the cat.

“I never really know what the hell Urahara has in store but this could maybe benefit him, he always has plans.”

“I’d better go let him know, I will be back soon, thankyou for the information,” and with that, the cat left.

All was silent for a moment. For a moment, Kichirou looked older and more tired, worry lines creased on his face. Then quick as it came, that look left to be replaced by his boyish grin. “I bet you’re wondering what’s happening eh?”

I glared at him, exasperated, “I did just ask that about three times!”

“Well, to put it simply. I am Kichirou, the leader of this here base of operations and Mia is one of my informants, welcome Takeshi, now you know about me.”

The End

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