The Shard ArcMature

Class break me and Arcelli are sat on the hill near the soul reaper academy everything had been told to Arcelli.  We had been parnered for a while longer in sparring class while the rest of Takeshi's injuries healed he has only just been allowed back into sparring class.  That's been driving him insane.

"Can I ask... If you know what happened to yoruichi?"  The pause was self explanatory since it could cost me my life if i did know.

"I wasn't told anything she was just gone one day." I really didn't know anything.  I don't even know if she knew I existed we had only met briefly once the day I was allowed into the Shihoin family.  "We only met once."  I said nothing more.

"So is that why you hide you are Shihoin? Because you feel abandoned with an impossible task of living up to expectations?"

"No.  I'd appreciate not trying to analyse this." My tone was harsh.  This wasn't something I was prepared to discuss with anyone.  Arcelli didn't say anything for a while.

"Tomorrow we don't have lessons can you join me on a trip?"  The question wasn't premeditated. It caught me a little off guard I agreed though he wouldn't tell me where we were going.

The next day I followed Arcelli through the sereitei to the tenth squad barracks.  Arcelli asked for the time it was still pretty early for visiting it was only three o'clock.  We then veered off to the sleeping quarters.  We both hid when Captain Hitsugaya passed us fearing he would recognise us.  We reached the sleeping quarters and went to the officer's quarters.

I stood back as Arcelli slid the door open with a feel that he was at home.  He strode over to a bed in the corner of the room putting on his best Hitsugaya voice he said:

"Shard! Sleeping in is against the rules!"  A mass of sheets jumped out of the bed and snapped to attention.

"Sir!" came a muffled voice from the other side of the cover. "I asked a lower officer to wake me.  He must have failed i will find him right away."  The bed sheets moved toward the door but missed and walked into a wall.  I felt like we would be in trouble but i stayed curious about the officers name.

As the officer fell backwards the covers came loose and he saw Arcelli.  The officer stood up from under his covers looking very angry.  I considered using Atsuko to escape the attention.

"Arcelli! What have i told you about imitating Hitsugaya?"  Arcelli seemed surpirsed "If you're going to imitate a captain at least be convincing."  Arcelli still looked at the officer puzzled.

"But you beleived it this time." Arcelli said still puzzled.

"Yeah but you don't look the part.  Anyway let me get dressed then i'll..." He turned and noticed me standing in the doorway.  "And who's this?"  He looked like he'd seen a ghost, probably still shocked from the Hitsugaya impression.

"I.." I started but the officer interrupted with

"So he's with you?" He turned to face Arcelli who nodded then the officer said "i'll be right back then need to change."  He turned back to me his face was brighter.  As he walked out the room and toward a toilet nearby.

"What was that?  I asked Arcelli." He looked suddenly serious.

"That is tenth squad fourth seat, Aurelio Shard.  He's my brother."  He knew how I would take this.  I silently stood as I turned to leave a member of the kido corps. stood in front of me.  His white hooded face stood at an avarage height but through the standard kido corps. mask his eyes were freindly.  He paused to avoid bumping into me.

"Sorry I should have watched where I was going better."  The masked man said.  "Are you freinds with Shard?" He looked toward the open door and noticed Arcelli stood inside.  "Arcelli it's been a while."  

"Daichi?" Arcelli seemed to know him "when did you join the Kido Corps.?  Hey this is Kiyoshi." He pointed in my direction "he's from the academy like me." Daichi turned back to me and held his hand out I hesitated then shook it.  As i finished shaking his hand Aurelio returned and seemed surprised there was so many people near his room now.

"Dai-chan is that you?  I can never tell with your mask on."  Aurelio said.

"Hey fourth seat Shard.  I got that information you wanted the other week."  Daichi seemed to think it as important.

"can you tell me tomorrow? i'm going to take Arcelli and his new friend around the barracks today."  Daichi was dissapointed that his information was put on hold but said

"Ok but you best be awake when i come by this time i'm not getting someone to wake you this time."  He didn't wait for an answer and left.

After a long day walking around the tenth squad barracks seeing where Rangiku's office was, it was empty, and captain Hitsugaya's office, which was occupied with a sleeping Rangiku.  We ended up back at the entrance to the barracks.

"Cya later." Aurelio said as we walked away from the barracks.

"Why did you take me here today?" I asked as we walked away.

"I wanted you to see..." He trailed off

"I said not to.  But thanks for the thought."  We walked home and soon parted ways.

The End

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