Party: Hana and Yui's WeekMature

It was nice to get out of that bed, man had my butt been aching.

As I walked back to my barracks, I kept my hand firmly placed on my zanpakuto, itching to take it out and start a rigid training programme to work out all the kinks I'd gathered being confined to a bed for so damn long.

My fist clenched around the hilt. Suddenly there was a sound behind me. I brandished my zanpakuto and pointed it at the attacker.

"Geez Takeshi, it's just me," I sighed when I saw Mia, "you've been couped up too long, you need to let off some steam."

"I agree, we should have a practice session now!" Every bit of that sounded intense.

She slowly moved closer to me and half smiled, "plenty of time for practice later," she winked and moved a little closer, "but we have something else planned for now," Kichirous words came to mind.

"Wait, you're not having a party are you?" I sounded more than a little outraged.

Mia just giggled and grabbed my arm, pulling me towards the academy.

When we got there, plenty of people had already turned up, I recognised some, others not so much.

"Ah if it isn't the 'boss' had a nice vacation have you?" it was one of the grunts. I subdued the rage already building and moved closer to the centre of the throng of people.

"Takeshi!" Shun ran towards me from behind with an irritating look on his face. I turned around and sighed inwardly. As he got closer I punched his nose without looking. He flew backwards. 

"You'll think twice before taunting me again Shun," I muttered without looking. I turned to Mia who was eyeing a bottle of Sake, "so what's all this for?"

Her head snapped towards me, "oh, well its as out tutor told us, soon the squads will be looking for officers, some of us will graduate."

A small swell of excitement rose within me. Sure I may have been one of- the strongest student but these were just small fry. It would be fantastic to train with the big leagues.

"Oh what's this? looks like some kind of party," Everyone turned to see Lieutenant Rangikue Matsumoto walk towards the grounds. Lots of people looked at each other uneasily, "should we crash it Hisagi? Ikkaku? Iba?" 

Iba and Ikkaku looked at each other, then the pile of untouched Sake. Hisagi looked like he was going to object but the others had already stepped in.

Well if they were all drinking. Why not me?

At some point that Michisike joined the party and so did Kiyoshi and Arcelli together but I was beyond caring. Michisike (who looked pretty beaten up) looked angrily at Arcelli, almost embarrassed. Kiyoshi kept looking over at Hisagi.

Even Kichirou came strutting in smiling and singing something about academy girls whilst Mia found her 2 friends and began chatting.

At some point during the night, Michisike and I were sitting with Hisagi, all of us staring at Rangiku.

"I should so totally ask her out," Michisike whispered conspiratorially.

"Please," I scoffed, "you're rubbish with girls."

"Besides," Hisagi muttered, "she is way out of your league."

Michisike rounded on us, "what would you guys know? You've never been in love like I am now!" he stormed towards her and got about a meter away from her as she was drinking. She punched him suddenly and lifted her arms as if yawning. Michisike span round looking cross eyed before stumbling back towards us.

"Told you," Michisike closed his eyes and shook his head. I laughed and patted his shoulder.

"This is how you charm the girls," I winked and moved towards the closest female. It was a quiet, bespectacled girl with long brown hair and deep brown eyes.

Without thinking (too drunk) I lightly picked up her hand and gently placed my lips on the back of it before looking up at her from behind my fringe.

"You're looking dazzling today Cho, like a butterfly in Spring," she looked surprised but blushed slightly, "allow me to take my leave before my heart shatters," and before she could say anything I moved back towards Michisike, "see," I smiled. But he looked too surprised.

"You should try that on Rangiku then," Michisike urged.

"It's not about 'trying'" I sighed, "every lady has their own unique, natural, innate beauty-"

"Please be quiet," Hisagi said.

All to soon we could hear Mia's friends who had gathered around Rangiku.

"You wouldn't believe the week we've had!" they looked at each other excitedly, "first we were in Squad 4 Barracks and we saw that guy," she pointed at Shun, "go flying out of Takeshi's room. Then Captain Kurotsuchi actually agreed to talk to a student and make something, but we don't think he actually made anything. And then Takeshi and Kiyoshi had a fight and Mia beat them up like they were kids. And that boy," they pointed at Michisike, "got totally beat down by him," this time Arcelli, "and Lieutenant Hisagi threw away some camera thing so we took it and... well look at all these great pics!" I could just about see them doing all sorts of poses and cosplaying. There were even some pictures of people doing secret things."

Rangiku looked at the pictures, "hm this gives me an idea for the Society of Female Soul Reapers-" she suddenly looked up distraught. There was no sake left. Everyone looked dismayed but Rangiku stood up quickly, "don't worry, I know where we can get more, everyone follow me!"

We reached the 10th squad barracks, a huge group of us and crammed into Captain Hitsugaya's office. Rangiku took out sake from several different secret locations and the night continued till we all fell asleep. 

The sun came up much sooner than we wanted.

The door squeaked open and a soft pair of footsteps could be heard entering the room. Captain Hitsugaya's face went red with rage. He stopped when he saw rangiku passed out on the sofa.


The cry could be heard all along the Soul Society.

The End

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