Kiyoshi's camera: part 2Mature

Nemu had done some great work the clarity on this camera was amazing far beyond anything human made.

I started with some smaller stuff earlier.  The camera was starting to stand out a bit.  I decided to get a picture of the 1st squad barracks in 2nd squad style but was soon thrown out.  So I just got pictures from the 11th squad instead for what I could stand being that close to Kenpachi.  As I headed back to 12th squad to get the photographs printed I was stopped by Shuhei Hisagi.

"What is that device one of Kurotsuchi's inventions?"  He asked clearly concerned for the Sereitei's safety.

"Nemu made it sir." I said surprised by the attention.  I paused then stood straighter and added "It is safe sir." He didn't look convinced.

"Well i'll look it over and return it to Nemu after i've made sure it's safe." he held out his hand.  I didn't have a choice, I had to hand it over to him.

"Yes, sir."  I mumbled as he left with the camera.  I had to go that way as well so I followed slower then normal.  As I rounded the corner I saw Hisagi hand the camera to Rangiku.  I just hope she doesn't figure out how to use it.

The End

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