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Stupid lousy Mia putting me back in this stupid scratchy bed of stupid stupidness--
"How are you now?" Unohana asked rather sternly.
"Couldn't be better," I feigned a smile.
"Good," she moved to the door next to the hole just as somebody appeared, "Oh hello, I feel like we've met before," she stared intently at the new-comers face , then closed her eyes and raised her eyebrows, "I'm sorry, but could you tel me who you are?"
The new guy seemed to jump at her appearance but he had gathered his nerves completely. I recognised that voice instantly.
"Oh me, I'm just a lowly ranked officer of squad 8, Captain Kyoraku even gave me this hat," he tipped the hat and bowed extravagently towards Unohana "8th seath Joshiro Akisato at your services Captain Unohana."
"very polite of you, but I'll be leaving now."

I waited a few moments until I couldn't hear her.
"Kichirou what the hell are you doing here?"
"Wanted to see how you were," he looked evasively at his zanpakuto. He withered slightly at my stare, "ok I heard there's a party going on," I stared just a little harder. He looked down and muttered, "academy girls..." I rolled my eyes and went to shout at him.
"Oh look at the time, I really have to go!"


Kichirou began to leave the squad 4 barracks as he saw Unohana, "still here?" she wondered.
"yes, I'll be back later."
"Indeed, you should probably return to Captain Kyorakku, he'll have plenty of jobs for you. In fact take Isane with you, she has some business there," Isane appeared from an adjacent room.
"er... ok, it will be a pleasure," he held out his elbow for her but she politely declined.

They finally reached the squad 8 barrack's roof where Kyoraku lay with his hat on his face.
"Captain Kyorakku, sir, Lieutenant Isane Kotetsu and..."
"...8th seat Joshiro Akisato..."
"...and 8th seat Joshiro Akisato. I have business with Lieutenant Nanao Ise, sir."
"Don't be so uptight Isane, go right ahead, she's just inside," he barely looked from under the hat, "and you, Akisato, I haven't heard from you all day so you can clean the whole barracks. Old man Yama-jii's been complaining at me for a while now."
Kichirou looked a little disgruntled but under the circumstances, he wasn't going to complain.
"Of course... sir."
His office was a mess of empty bottles of Sake and unfinished paper work. After a solid 3 hours of cleaning he returned to Kyoraku who was in the exact same spot.
"Done?" he turned to face Kichirou, "that took you a while. You didn't happen to see some of the work on the desk whilst you cleaned my office did you?"
"Er, yes Captain Kyorakku."
"Oh good, take a look at that for me will ya?"
"Of course."
Again, after an hour or so, he finished the work and returned to Kyoraku who was now conversing with Ukitake. Ukitake turned to face Kichirou.

"Ah, this must be the Officer you were talking about Kyoraku," he smiled gently, "...Aki-sato right?"
"The one and only," Kyoraku piped in.
"You look perculiarly familiar," Ukitake podered.
"Just one of those faces?" Kichirou suggested.
"Maybe, I'm sure Byakuya would be thrilled to see--er--your face."
"That Kuchiki is never thrilled, anyway, you gonna stay for a drink Jushiro?"
"I'm sorry, I need to leave shortly."
"Ah that's no problem, but you'll stay right?" he looked at Kichirou.
"Ah Captain Kyoraku, I hope Isane is alright?" Unohana suddenly appeared.
"She's fine, working with Nanao right now."
"And... what is his name again? how is he?
"Why don't you tell us how you've been doing... Kichirou."

The End

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