Michisikes revengeMature

That’s the house he’ll pay for humiliating me like that.  As I approached the door I heard noises from inside I raised my arm to knock and was immediately knocked backward as the door burst from its hinges.

I opened my eyes to see Arcelli standing over me. “You!” I spat “How dare you attack me like that!”

“I’m sorry it was a mistake during… err… training.” He glanced at the other man stood over me in the pauses.  “so are you selling something?” He continued as if that’s all that was needed.

“NO!  I’m here for my revenge.” I yelled angry at the implication.

“Revenge? What have you done now dad?” The older man looked into the distance for a minute then shrugged.

“It’s you a came to fight!” I yelled at him.  “Don’t play dumb with me! I’m goin’ to beat you this time.” He looked confused.

“So I know you then?”  He looked at me and focused on me thinking hard.

“It’s michisike.” Not that it really mattered but he may as well know.  “And I’ll be the one to beat you today.”

“Michisike? You mean the guy… oh wait that’s Michisika.”  He became distant as he tried to remember.

“It doesn’t matter if you remember me or not I just want my revenge.”  I lunged at him he had disappeared before I reached him I stopped and looked around for him suddenly I felt a weight on my back he was leaning on me.  I span and swipped at him he was gone again.

“I really don’t remember you know.” Came his voice from all directions at once

“There’s no point to you remembering just fight me. “ I yelled.  I lunged again but missed.

“You attack an unarmed opponent?” his voice came again.  He had a sword earlier but it didn’t seem like a zanpakuto. 

“you have a weapon.  Maybe not your zanpakuto but it’s a weapon.  Now defend yourself.” I insisted

“Fine then” he said as he appeared in front of me “But it should be obvious which way this will go now.”

He disappeared and a moment later my legs gave out from under me. The final thing I saw was a pommel heading toward my face.

The End

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