Mia's Cheer LeadersMature

"I've been waiting for this Kiyoshi!" Takeshi's eyes gleamed with a manic look, all the rage from brewding in that hospital was clearly bursting out now.
"Bet you have, must have been horrible losing to me."
"I didn't lose," he spat the word out like he'd never said it before, "we drew, besides you cheated so I won by default!" I half expected him to stick his tongue out. He could be really childish sometimes.
"Isn't that what a loser says?"
Wow Kiyoshi was really pushing his buttons.
"I'll see what a loser says when I beat you, right now!"

Takeshi rushed towards Kiyoshi with his zanpaukto in the air. Kiyoshi lazily stepped aside, ready to bring his own down on his back. That was when Takeshi spun round and grabbed his neck, throwing him into a wall. The two spilled into the corridor right in front of Hana and Yui, my two friends. They jumped back a little and saw me.

"Where you watching them Mia," I nodded from the door, "do you know them."
"Sadly yes."
The two boys were already up with gritted teeth as they rammed their foreheads into each other.
"Mia you could so take them on," Yui smiled and winked, "in fact I'll help you," she pounded her fist.
"I don't like the feel of their reiatsu," she slowly lifted her finger at Takeshi, "I sense something strange and deceitful about him," then she suddenly moved her hand to Kiyoshi, "and this one has a deep sadness."
By now they'd finally noticed us, but they had only heard Yui.
"Mia? take us on?" Takeshi laughed harshly.
I raised my eyebrows, then took off my zanpakuto and handed it to Hana, "keep hold of this, it wont take long."

"Get 'em Mia!" Yui jumped into the air with glee.

Takeshi rushed in first. In one flick he went over my shoulder and hit the floor. Kiyoshi went for a punch but I grabbed his hand and twisted it around his back. He managed get out of the hold and flipped me over his arm but I landed on my feet in a crab position, then pushed off the ground with my legs around his neck, watching as he went flying through another wall. Takeshi was already up and leapt towards me. Without having to get up, I used his momentum to sending hurling behind me. I jumped up from the ground and stared at the two boys groaning on the floor.

"Boys, you should know by now I've been letting you win all this time."
"Not even a challenge," Yui held her head high and giggled. Hana just walked quietly on.

As we reached the door at the exit, I saw Unohana looking at the holes. She glared menacingly at Takeshi.
"I told you to stop smashing my walls!" She can be scary when she wants to be.

The End

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