Kiyoshi's camera: part 1Mature

“So you want a device to work like this ‘camera’ and take a copy of what you see?”

Kurotsuchi seemed rather bored by the concept.

“That’s right.”

“Well I suppose I could use attach a few devices…”

He trailed off in the list of devices.

“And all this will be needed for the camera?”

I asked as the list extended to total more then I owned.

“No that can be done with a few smaller parts.” Kurotsuchi seemed surprised by the question.

“So… What do they do?” I asked perplexed by the list.

“Well these three are for the particle ionisation, and those two will release those particles at supersonic speeds loosening any reishi it touches.”

He seemed happy to explain however

“why do they need to be loosened? Wouldn’t that just make most things literally fall apart?” I already knew the answer.

“Of course.  But there’s few other ways to make this interesting.” Kurotsuchi replied with a perfectly straight face.

“I don’t want a weapon.”  I almost shouted but realised he was used to creating gadgets for battle.

“How boring I can’t help you then.” He shrugged as he left the room clearly annoyed at the time wasted.  I stood to leave however as I exited the room a group of people stood.  They were interested in why Kurotsuchi had taken the time himself to speak to me.  They expected more of a story then someone told him it was an unusual request.  He must have had some time on his hands.  As I left the barracks past everyones gaze I heard a voice almost inaudible it said:

“I can make you a camera.” I looked round and saw Nemu the squad luitenant.  I bowed to the luitenant and gave a proper greeting.  This was unexpected due to the treatment her squad normally gives her.  “consider it a gift for keeping him from boredom for the past twenty minutes.”

The End

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