The Party ArcMature

(In keeping with Bleach's side story traditions, this is a "filler")

Shun's Taunts

The bed was getting really uncomfortable now. Being confined to sitting around doing nothing is not my kind of fun. All I want to do is get out there and hack a dummy to pieces. There was a slightly loose spring that jabbed into my back, the food was horrific and every other day they brought in another wounded who stank of sweat and blood. But they were waiting for my body to heal. They, like I am surprised it was taking so long. It must have been over a week now.

"You have a visitor." I started to wonder who it would be. The fact that I'd been hospitalised hadn't done much for my reputation. The odd grunt came in and got a little smart mouthed then found themselves flying through the door. That was getting Unohana a little annoyed so she limited the number of visitors to 3, I wasn't going to argue with her.

"Hello Takeshi, wondered how you were doing, I heard about what happened."

"Why'd she let you in?" I snapped.

"That's a good way to greet an old friend," he rolled his eyes.

"Ha! old friend, we were never friends-"

"-true, we were more like rivals."

"I have no rival, and if I did it wouldn't be you!" I sat up quickly and winced from the pain.

"Everybody knows you were jealous of me, of my skill and my noble nature," I was so enraged I couldn't talk. He took that opportunity, "even now you're stifled by my presence-"


"-Don't talk Takeshi, I don't want you to embarrass yourself. Just lie down and rest like a good boy and heal up so I can mop the floor with you when you get back."

"Hado no.1 Sho!" I watched him smash through the wall and scramble away towards a couple of surprised females.

Sure enough I heard Unohana on her way and trembled with fear.

The End

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