In the mood for a good fightMature


After the conversation with Kiyoshi I found myself with only more questions, but it was time to turn myself into bed. It was a hard thought though because of the days happenings I was rather wired, and alert. Also something inside of me wanted to fight, wanted to fight hard. With everything running through my head I began to thoughtlessly walk home only to be greeted by a surprise attack from my father.

"Hiyaa!" He greeted with an axe kick to my shoulder. I fall one one knee as he comes around for a punch to the face. I catch his punch to find myself sliding back.  He then went with a barrage of punches high and low. I did my best to block but he managed to get a hard one on the gut. I starting flipping through the air uncontrollably but I manage to gain some control when I hit a wall at full force and roll up on to my knees.

"Not going to be that easy!" My Dad roared. I block this time, then grabbed his arm and spun him to the other side. He crashed into the wall adjacent to the one I crashed into.

"Good!" He said getting up but I was already on top of him kick him on the head which he only just blocks. I come around and get him into an arm hold. He tries to spin to kick , and get me off balance but I manage to jump and use his arm as a support to neutralize his upper body. We begin to fall off the wall. With only his left hand free he manages to grab onto the ledge loosening my grip on him. With that  small advantage he gets me off.  As I hit the ground he came down trying to sneak behind me, but I already thought he was going to do that so I kick him in the last moment getting him to back off. He was winded and out of breath now.

"Your..." he panted," A lot... more ag..gressive." He breathed in again. I must of hit him hard.

"I'm really in the fighting mood right now. I guess, or maybe your just getting old."I replied happily.

"Ha ha." He laughed weakly," Yet still young enough to barely keep up with you."

"Ya right, Once I got on the offensive it was like attacking something that was standing still."

"Don't get to full of yourself. I heard you finally released your shikai perhaps that would explain your inflated self confidence."

"Perhaps, anyways Dad I will tell you everything tomorrow today has been busy, and I should get my rest."

"Agreeable. Tomorrow then and we will have a FEAST!" He boomed.


Tomorrow came fast as I found myself rushing to the academy slightly late from a very deep sleep with very profound dreams of greatness. As I rushed into the room, I noticed that Michisike, Mia, and Takeshi were all missing.

"Sorry sir I'm late." I said bowing and immediately joining the class.

"I shall excuse it for today Mr Shard. Anyways since we have some missing students today we will be mixing it up. Arcelli it may be large leap between Michisike but your going to be partnered up with Kiyoshi today." After hearing that only two things went through my head.  Your going to be crushed! and , should I use my Shikai, or would that be pointless and dangerous to do right now?

"Is that alright Arcelli?"  The tutor asked.  The feeling came over me again I wanted an intense and challenging fight even if I will lose I needed to push myself!


"Is that okay with you Kiyoshi?"


The End

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