Covering tracksMature

I sat in the dojo once again I had just finished apoligising to Atsuko.  Who had begun to get annoyed by the end.  As I took a seat next to her something hit me.

"With Takeshi out of the way I can talk to my friends again can't I."

"Yes, i guess that's right." She had a look of sadness about her.  It was then I realised she was my only real friend the only one who stood by me through everything.  Soi Fon had helped me but she was just repaying a debt of gratitude to Yoruichi.  Yoruichi abandoned her family to help Kisuke Urahara.  

"I'll still visit." I assured her still thinking of family.  "Just like I did before this all started.  Anyway we should leave.  We'll talk again once we get home.  We should leave here first though." Atsuko nodded silently.  I came out of my meditation to see Harunobu Ogidō staring at me from accross the room.  Out of shock I fell backward off the bed I had been sat on.

"You look familiar do i know you from somwhere?" He undoubtably had seen Yoruichi.

"No we've never met.  I would remember an 8th seat officer I'm only in the academy."  I said as I stood.  "How are they?"  I asked already knowing the answer.

"They're both still unconsious.  The spinal injury is healing well.  It's like whoever did this aimed not to cause permenant damage."  That was a relief I feared I may have overdone it with my rage that high.

"What about the punch on her head?"  I inquired

"Who told you about that we didn't notice it until a few minutes ago."  He was surprised i knew but didn't suspect i had inflicted it.

"I felt the lump as i carried her here." I said thinking quickily.

"Oh you should have mentioned it earlier then.  Its nothing we can't handle but it will take a while for her to regain consciousness."

"Good to hear they're both in my class I.." I trailed off unsure of what i wanted to say in the first place.  Today was tiring I just wanted to go home.

"Well feel free to go but there will be an investigation into this so we'll find out who was behind it don't worry."  I think that was supposed to reassure me.  But either way it would be trouble for me.  I left a moment later but as i exited through the main entrance I heard a voice calling;

"Hey! Kiyoshi!"  I turned to see Arcelli running toward me "Do you know anything about that fight from earlier?"

"Arcelli?  Wasn't it?" I hadn't had a chance to talk to him with everything that had happened. "Did you sense it to?  I got to the scene to find Takeshi and Mia unconscious.  They're healing now squad 4 said they'll be fine they just need some rest."  I lied as I surpressed the rest of my rage.

"What happened was there anything you saw?"  I didn't know why but he was interested.

"All I know is about their injuries."  I lied again.  Then I spent the next half hour telling the fake story I had made up for fourth squad.

"Oh that's all you saw?"  He seemed to have realised the similarity in Riatsu  some where in my story but he would have to go off what I told him for now.

"Anyway i'm tired after all this so cya tomorrow."  I didn't wait for a reply and headed back to second squad barracks.

The End

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