Out of CuriosityMature


I used shunpo to traverse over to the squad eleven baracks but even then my speed was not fast enough upon arriving there was no evidence of the risen Riatsu's just the cold feeling a fight took place where I had stood.  The Riatsu's felt familiar but I couldn't tell you who's they were, maybe someone from my class? I heard footsteps belonging to squad eleven, probably to see if there was any fighting left, so I really didn't get any time to investigate.  I  masked my Riatsu as best as I could as I got away from those crazy squad eleven officers.

When I was a distance away from the initial seen of the fight, I tried to think what would the winner of a fight involving that much Riatsu would do to the people he had won against, and since the Riatsu's were familiar I ruled out the chance of murder. The only other trace would be squad four. Once again I found myself running over there. While I made my way over to squad four I began to wonder why I wanted to know who had won, and why I wanted to meet them. Perhaps it was fear of my brother's legacy, or maybe I may know who partook in the fight, or perhaps it was just my natural curiosity. I slowed my pace as I reached the squad four entrance to see Kiyoshi leaving the squad four barracks.

"Hey! Kiyoshi!" I shout at him not knowing why he would know about the fight, but maybe he had something to do with it since the riatsu's were familiar," Do you know about the fight from earlier?"

The End

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