Not exactly to plan part 2Mature

I had watched the whole thing from afar, making sure not to be noticed. She was truly beating him with apparent ease, and then that sucker punch came from nowhere with some burst of anger. I felt the attack as if it had been used on me.

"Mia, Mia are you ok?" I could barely speak, I felt winded.

"I'm a really good actor," she muttered. I could tell she was going to go unconscious.

"Shut up. I'll get help soon, don't worry, just right after I mop the floor with this guy." I stood up and turned to face him. In a flash I had drawn my zanpakuto. "You'll pay for hurting her Kiyoshi Shihoin," I moved the sword in front of my eyes, "now let me show you just what it is to be strong!" I roared a battle cry, then muttered "shunpo."

I was in front of him in a split second and sliced down. He blocked the attack with ease but his legs buckled slightly from the sheer force. I went to knee him in the stomach but he dodged it and sliced at my side. I managed to deflect the attack and counter with a kick to his chest. He was knocked backwards but remained on his feet. I ran towards him again, this time however as I slid down to trip  him up, I used shunpo to step behind him and fly-kicked him in the back. This time he fell forwards but managed to land on his hands and flip himself back up. His zanpakuto reverted to it's original form and he sheathed it. 

With amazing speed he went to trip me but I jumped. Almost at the same time he aimed another kick for my chest but I grabbed his foot and yanked it up so he backflipped onto his feet. He sent a flurry of punches at me. I blocked some but others got behind my guard and hit me in the stomach and side. One punch went passed my cheek. I grabbed the arm and kneed him successfully in the stomach. He doubled over in pain. I elbowed him in the back and he fell to the floor.

"I'm going to make you suffer Kiyoshi for your lies and your deceits," I held my hand out. He tried to get up. "Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws. Hadō #33. Sōkatsui!" there was a burst of blue that radiated from my hands and shot out like lightning. There was no way he could have dodged that, he would be a wreck now. I had to defend myself against the blast and cover my eyes from the dust and dirt that flew up. I waited a moment before the dust settled. He wasn't on the floor.

Just a few metres away from me he stood. His Shihakusho was slightly burnt and torn and his face was slightly bruised and there was a cut, but nothing serious. How did he do it?

"You should be dead!" I felt the rage burst through my veins. I pushed forwards and slashed at him faster than I had ever done before. He had no time to counter as the onslaught continues. I hit him once... twice and blood spurted to the floor as my jagged blade tore through him. He was breathing hard but it was taking alot out of me. In a final fit of rage I kicked him in the stomach and followed up with an upwards jab into his gut. Suddenly his blade blocked it.

"There's a reason why I didn't tell you who I was, or show you what I could do," He knocked my zanpakuto to the side so I was forced to back away. "Senshu Atsuko," he muttered and the blades shape changed. "I shall show you the true power of my zanpakuto," I didn't want to hear it. I went to attack but he brought his sword down on top of mine and slammed it to the floor. The blade began to crack and broke off. My mouth opened in shock. He had beaten me, there was nothing I could do. How had I lost, I was more powerful than he was, I could feel it. No, I won't lose until I'm dead on the floor. With the stub of my blade I went to attack again but he rushed towards me. He held his blade to the side like a lance. He was completely open and even with only a small part left, he would be dead. 

I jabbed forwards. The blade went through him, but it did nothing. The shock I felt as he passed through me was nothing compared to the sudden burst of pain in my back. He had go through me and left his blade curved around my spine. I felt him tug and then everything went numb. The ground fell towards me, my face could see to my right but the darkness was closing in from the corners of my eyes. "The true power of my zanpakuto, we soul reapers are made of heavily compacted reishi, but Atsuko's initial release allows me to temporarily increase the space between the reishi so that I 'phase' and am impossible to hit."

He walked into my peripheral vision. "I'm stronger than I make out because I hate standing out. I don't like the expectancy people have when they know I am a Shihoin. I want to carve my own legacy, not have it chosen and judged by others. Do you understand now why I have remained in the shadows?" I could barely see but just passed him I could see Mia. I curled the fingers of my outstretched hand. I had to help her, I had to get up. I closed my eyes and tried to will myself to get up but I couldn't. "Quit struggling, I have severely injured your spine so you would hear what I had to say and understand that I am in fact stronger than you are. But don't worry, my honour as a Shihoin would not let me leave you here to die. I will get you help. Just promise me that you will cease your mindless games and this petty vendetta." 

It was too late. My mind fell unconcious.


I woke up what felt like hours later. I got up. Hey I could stand, I thought I would be paralysed. As I looked around however, I had no idea where I was.

Everything was dark. The sky was the eeriest, cloudy with thick plumes of purple smoke that choked the highest jagged peaks. There was a volcano nearby spurting plumes of lava that rolled lazily down the side of the mountain. The ground was cracked which showed a burning orange light from the fire or magma that lay beneath us. But from the smoke of the volcano, not too distant, stood a strange figure. He had pure white skin visible by its face and bare torso and arms. The eyes where jet black with small red pupils. It had horns, quite a few but two major ones on it's head and a cruel smile with black lips. The torso was strong, overly so as if it were a weightlifter. It had on a shihakusho like my own but the top had been severed so that it lay in tatters over a blood red sash and the bottom half with which the hem was also tattered and ripped. But most importantly, in its clawed hands was a blade. It was striking with a handle wrapped in a crimson, silk ribbon that was too long to fell from the blade and was buffeted in the howling winds. The guard was the perimeter of a square but at the corners, where spikes rose, the metal joined the handle in the middle from which rose a blade about the size of a regular katanna but which was jet black and perfectly shaped. The blade itself however was so cold however that the water vapor around it was turned to ice and drifted like sparkling rain the the ground so that it almost had a light blue aura.

"Well it's about time you got here you pathetic sap. still let's not waste time, we have lots to do!"

The End

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