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As I passed the 11th squad barracks I decided they weren't leaving me alone so I would have to deal with my stalker.  Using a different side street from last time I slipped to an area behind them.  This presence wasn't one of the usual people but somhow familiar I guess all of the people so far have been from our class so this one could be as well.  Nothing stood out about this presence they had avarage Riatsu at best and no spikes were noticable.  I seemed to have eluded them they started faster toward where I had been before.  This was easier than I expected.  As i rounded the corner their Riatsu disappeared.  It was then I realised I could have been too presumptious.  At that moment I felt a blade strike my scabbard on my back.

"If I was taking this seriously you would be dead already."  I span quickly drawing my sword as I did.  I faced my oponant who I was surprised to see was Mia herself.

"I'm surprised you came yourself.  Though I know you're stronger than you let on while you were following me."  I reminded myself of the constant base level she maintains in class.  She disapeared. I barely had time to react before she re-appeared behind me. I managed to deflect the attack. She had tried senka and nearl succeeded.

"Really?" she smiled. I went to stab her but she bent backwards and kicked my zanpakuto which fell to the ground beside me. With her other leg, she almost kicked me in the chin. I backed off rolled towards the blade. Her foot stepped on my hand and she kicked me in the face with the othe. At least my zanpakuto was safe. "So what are your thought's now?"

"You're better than you seem. Though I prefer hakuda anyway."

"Oh so you want it like that do you?" The smile pervaded. "Did you think you might have some advantage wuth hakuda?" She stepped towards me. "Well guess what, I prefer Hakuda as well."

"This should be fun then," I pushed myself up off the ground. She span into a kick but I grabbed her foot. In that instant, she span herself whilst in my grasp to kick me in the face.  I just had time to dodge before she landed on the ground and pulled herself into a handstand. She flipped into the air and disappeared. I could just see her move, she was going around me. I turned to brace myself. She was there alright and went for a punch. I tried to block it but felt her attack behind me. I turned and she was there also. "You're quite fast," I said as she tried another punch. This time I truly was ready and grabbed her fist. I flipped her over my shoulder but she broke out of my grip before I could complete it and landed nimbly on her feet. "A strong after image. There's no way you're an average student, so what are you?"

"A second generation soul reaper, with full access to my potential. My father is a seated officer in the 2nd squad. I hold back because I don't like making an example of myself. It just doesn't do for an assassin. You should know all about that, Kiyoshi Shihoin."

I gasped. So all that snooping around she had done had paid off. She knew who I was, just as I suspected.

I concentrated all of my external spiritual pressure on my shoulders and arms. This was only experimental so I had no idea if it would work, but Soi Fon and I had tried it together. I pushed passed her with the extra strength and she flew backwards. I rushed towards my Zanpakuto and picked it from the ground. The energy had already gone and had depleted some of my riatsu. I looked at the sword and muttered to myself "nice to have you back." I turned to face Mia. She stood on her side. The zanpakuto she had sheathed on her hip had disappeared and she had a cloack on her back. She held out her arm and from the folds of her Shihukusho  came a blade. Two more blades unfolded in the shape of a Sai.

"This is my Shikai. I heard you got into the advanced class for reaching Shikai. Don't let me down, let's see it," she was mocking me.

"I don't need my shikai to beat you."

"Shame, what will it take to get it out of you?" she wondered. With that she rushed towards me with extraordinary speed. Before I knew it, she had jumped into the air and brought the sword down on me. I tried to attack but the caugh my zanpakuto within the fork.

She forced her zanpakuto to shut my zanpakuto was snapped in half.

No, it couldn't be. My Atsuko, she had destroyed it with barely a thought. How could she do such a thing? I felt an anger I was unused to fill me.

"You forced me to do this!" I snapped and roared "Senshu Atsuko!"

My zanpakuto's blade curved into a crescent moon. I slashed at her and caught her arm. I went for another slash but she caught it again. She tried to break the blade but it wouldn't close all the way. I half-smiled before thrusting her arm to our side and broght my other fist down on the back of her head. She fell to her knees, her eys dazed already. Her zanpakuto changed back to it's original shape before falling sideways to the ground.

"Why...couldn't I crush your blade?"

"My Atsuko's reishi becomes much more compacted in it's shikai state making it much harder to break or even scratch. It's ironic reall-" but I didn't a chance to finish my sentence. I heard an angry roar and a figure appeared before Mia.

"Mia, Mia are you ok?" the voice was breathless. I recognised it as Takeshi. So Mia couldn't have been the master behind this plan. It must have been Takeshi all along.

The End

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