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"Hanatoro healed me well, it was only the shock of the attack-"

"Even so, is it wise to do this now, shouldn't you rest a while longer. After all, the fight won't be until later tonight and I can't have you losing too badly!"

"When the battle gets too intense I'll pretend to go down, trust me. I'm a master at control and deception, trust me," she pushed my arm out of the way and picked up her Zanpaku-to which stood leaning against the wall next to the door. "Besides, I have a few special tricks," she stroked the blade and pricked the top. It cut her slightly, "hm, it's not sharp enough, the prick is slightly jagged," did she know Shikai? she had never told me if she did. Yet somehow, I could tell she had known it for a long time. She truly was fearsome. Maybe stronger than all of us. How did that even happen?

"Have you been holding out on me."

"Huh," she turned around looking slightly surprised, "did I say that out loud?" she suddenly closed her eyes and giggled, the words coming out fast, "silly me, whatever am I talking about. Oh dear I must be still delirious, maybe I should rest, oh wait, is that Aimi? oh haven't seen her in a while, oh well got to go bye!" she rushed off before I could get a word in.

All these people were able to use their Shikai, and yet I was still top of the class. How was that possible? 

I clenched my fist, angry at my own thought.

"Fool, you train harder than any of them, your kido is officer level just as your fighting skills are. Hell maybe even Lieutenant level, so get a grip. I'm strong because I simply try the hardest, working myself to death every night. I have earned this spot and I'm sure as hell not going to give it up without a fight. I'll rise above the new guys, Mia, the Captains, even Kichirou." I could feel my spirit energy flare, unearthly wind rustled the whole room, "I will be the strongest soul reaper or my name isn't Takeshi Kurokami!"

The End

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