Training with someone strongerMature


I sat in the squad 4 hospital Michisike, he was scared, actually it was like his Riatsu had been completely distorted by that black mist that Haruto emanated. He chose to go to sleep after the fight ended. But I felt guilty so I stayed with him for the last couple of hours. I learned much about in that time. He was regarded as strong because of his Spiritual pressure, Shikai, and his knowledge of kido's. The only problems was his arrogance, his clumsiness with kido, and his temper. So he was regarded as an idiot.  Still beating him didn't feel like much of an accomplishment. The person at the top of the class didn't have his shikai, and he was knowledgeable in kido.

I needed to learn Kido, somehow that's what everyone seemed to look at. Not a shikai, even though I was very proud of the fact my Shikai was strong. In fact the Tutor moved me somewhere around the upper middle part of the class. Still I felt like I was still weak.

"Arcelli! Is that you?" I hear a feminine voice, I turn around confused, but to quickly find to see my cousin.

"Sash? Long time no see." I said, she was like an older sister to me when I was younger.

" My I've been hearing some amazing things about you today. Getting transferred to the best class in the academy, and no less achieving you Shikai. You know your bro...." She paused while gave her a glare, she then realized," Father is going to be really proud of you." 

"Yes, he will, but I still feel like a complete loser."

"Arcelli, your not loser. And I know its been a while sense we last saw each other when...."

"If your going to talk about what happened, I'm going to leave!"

"Well its been 10 years Arcelli, and your still crying about it. Man up! Stop putting yourself down because your not just like or better than your brot...."

"Shutup! You wouldn't know anything because you stopped coming. After he.... You stopped coming, and then she died! Then it was just me and my died, and you erased yourself from our lives! So you have no right to say who i'm trying to be like! In fact how Dare you bring it up after completely avoiding us for ten years!" I let it all out at her. She began to cry, as I stood up.

"Its been nice seeing you again Sash." My voice full of contempt as I brushed past her.

An half an hour later I found myself sitting on wall overlooking the Rukon district. I felt badly for yelling at Sash, but every time I even thought about him or what happened ten years ago, I only felt guilt, sadness and anger. She had no right to lecture me either. But that was no way to treat her after not seeing her for so long. I took out Haruto the colour in the blade meaning so much more to me now. I will surpass that bastard, and then beat him down.


After meditating some more with Haruto I did not learn much but I did find out that mist only had effect on Riatsu's weaker than my own, but I was looking forward to practice while in Shikai, which I couldn't do with my father. So I was on a mission for someone stronger than me, with a Shikai, but who?

The End

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