Revealing KiyoshiMature

"Mia, when you leave here I have a request-"

"You want me to face him right?" she didn't look at me, just kept her eyes closed, "you want me to pretend it was all my idea and fight him," it wasn't a question.

"How do you do that?" I wondered.

"I know your mind very well by now, better than you do, as I told you so long ago. Besides it's only logical. He finally cracked and fought Ryouta. Not only that, he is getting tired of it. I could tell that when I watched him fight the others, you are wearing him down. He is isolated from all his friends. He has to strain himself to come up with new methods of evading me, defending himself from you and dealing with your guys and keeping up with his training. So what you need is a dummy, a person to fight him in your place that will give him hell. I know you don't expect me to win, in fact you want me to lose. If I lose, then at the moment of his victory, after he has pushed himself towards his limits, I can snatch it all away and reveal that it is in fact not me who is leading this campaign. He will become so tormented and wearied by this, looking deeper into it, that when he finally reaches you, it will be all or nothing. For both of you."

"Remarkable, that's almost 100% correct," she opened her eyes then and looked at me.

"Which bit wasn't right?" I half smiled but kept my mouth shut, "you can't do that to me!" she furrowed her brows in annoyance, "fine, don't tell me," she closed her eyes again.

"Please Mia," she heard the begging in my voice and almost gasped, "don't get hurt too badly against him."

"Are you going soft on me?"

"No," I breathed heavily, "I just don't want to lose my sparring partner, is all."

"You needn't worry, I can look after myself, besides, I highly doubt he's as brutal as you are," she exclaimed, "do you want me to tell you what I found out yet?" she questioned.

"Yes, tell me now, for I feel that the time in which Kiyoshi and I meet is fast approaching."

"Fine. Kiyoshi... He has a sky-walker with a particular family crest. I've thought about it alot and have come to the realisation. I am totally convinced that Kiyoshi is a-"


The End

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