End of the cycleMature

That must have been his first release it took him too long for him to be used to it at all.  But being kept behind seemed unnecesary.  I guess I don't have time to think about that now.  Wonder who is after me today.

"Ryouta.  Then those events are linked."  I said with I slight smile.  More information to work off.

"Your not catchin me by surprise this time though." He clearly didn't know where i was.  He kept looking around trying to be subtle.  I had used shunpo and was on top of the building opposite the academies gates.  Well this means it's either easier to beat this group then I thought or they're holding on to their aces for some reason.  I sighed then placed my zanpakuto on the roof and leapt down to fight.  Although clearly shocked that I got past him he quickly adjusted.

"Where's your zanpakuto? you'll need it." He laughed.

"Not really." I said with a hint of boredom "I don't suppose you'll leave me alone then?"  I asked.

"oh being coward now that you can't surprise me with that kido this time." he seemed to believe that.

"ok then?" I wasn't even sure that needed a response but oh well.  "Let's just get it done with.  I'm kinda tired today."

"Your taking this too lightly" He shouted lunging at me.  I pivoted on one foot under his blade then hooked a leg around his sword arm.  Before he could react I jumped over and kicked him in the face with my free leg and released my grip.  He hit the wall head first, I landed facing away and started walking before disapearing with shunpo.  I recovered my zanpakuto and went toward home.  As I traveled I pondered the situation somone always attacked me on the way home.  I was being avoided by all who knew i was targeted by this group.  They must hold power in the underground networks of the academy.  I'll have to investigate first hand tomorrow they wouldn't accept me I had a plan.  But I would need a bit of help.

Later as I talked out my idea with Atsuko who agreed with her normal

"This can't continue!"  She either has a flare for theatrics or is just naturally a drama queen.  And people claim we're similar.

"I know but we can't just rush in either.  So I think we should call them out."  I noticed Atsuko look toward the door but she knew no one was there.

"You don't even now who to look toward yet." she said

"I have enough clues by now and if i'm wrong all it takes is an apology" she didn't look convinced "or think about it like this.  Better to be on earth with your friends then in heaven on your own."  that seemed to help her uderstand.

"Ok then.  I'll help this time only though." She knew that i only really asked because she was the only person i would think of helping me in this situation.

"Thank you for your support.  So let's continue training." I said getting up and stepping towards the arena in the center of the room.

"Can't have you going soft before this can we?" Atsuko smiled and stood effortlessly.

The End

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