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"Would you like me to heal your wounds kid?" From what I could see, his small sword was over his shoulder. He looked slightly worried and curious at the same time. I couldn't really talk, yet I managed to vocalize a scratchy "no". He walked over towards me and bent down to my level, "then how about a place at the academy for Soul Reapers. I'll help you through the entrance exam..." he thought for a moment, " will make you stronger."

This time, I softly said "yes, but I don't... want your help."


"Welcome," the tutor said from the front of the lecture hall, "you may not have figured it out, but you who stand before me performed the best in your entrance exam and so are in the advanced class-"

"Sorry I'm late sir!" I slammed the doors open, breathing heavily.

"Though apparently, punctuality does not matter if you are a top student-"

"-I said I'm sorry okay, cut me some slack idiot!" the tutor looked at me furiously.

"Insolent," he said something so incomprehensible I couldn't understand him, "go sit down!" he ordered.

I moved over to the edge of the seats. I could hear people muttering about me "my my, how very improper of him to arrive so late" "oh I wouldn't expect much else from Rukon trash" "Rukon?" "Why yes, can't you tell, he must be that Takeshi from district 80" "oh such a vulgar place, nothing good comes from there" "just what we need, another piece of filth to drag the reputation of this noble academy and therefore our proper family names into the mud!" "hear hear!"

"Move it girl!" I snapped, she sat looking shocked, "do I have to ask again," I could see the hurt in her eyes, it only served to make me angrier.

"S-sorry," she quickly bustled into the next seat.

"So, as I was saying before I was rudely assailed, I am-"

"I'm sorry," she muttered again, "I think we got off to a bad start," I'd spoken to her like ten seconds before. Man she was persistent, even then.

"Actually, as far as introductions go, I think that was a pretty good one, for me," I turned to face her. She had a young looking face, slightly chubby so that one might call it cute, "now stop harassing me!"

"You're awefully rude, I'm trying to be nice here," oh geez, she looked like she was ready to cry.

"I really don't care, just leave me alone," I said quietly and looked down.

" Oh I get it," she was so quiet now, I could taste the pity she felt in the air. I wanted to hurl, "you're annoyed at what people will think of you, worried you'll be all alone so you're closing yourself off," I felt my nose twitch, I gritted my teeth before I exploded with a torrent of abuse. The first form of anger control I had ever performed.

"Just - shut - up!"

"I knew it, I'm right," she looked happy with herself in a tragic kind of way. I wanted to wipe the look from her face. I clenched my fist. I felt my face go red, "There's really no need to be embarrassed, I can help you, I can be your friend," she offered. I looked at her darkly.

"Friendship shows that you rely on others, dependence is a sign of weakness, and I am strong. You hear me?" she turned her face away with an I-know-better-than-you look.

"Hmph, deny it all you want, secretly you want friends, here I am offering it on a plate and you try to smack it from my hands. Well that plate is staying firmly in my hand, sooner or later you'll see I'm right and beg me for help," she had closed her eyes as if to look superior.

"We'll see," I muttered.

The class finished. She went to get up. I stuck my leg out and she tripped and landed face down.

"Hahaha, that was so funny," I heard one guy guffaw. A few others nodded in agreement. I got up and moved towards her. She had tears in her eyes as she scrambled with her papers. 

"If I can't knock the plate to the floor, then I'll just knock the person holding it down," she looked up at me. There was an anger there that I could tell she didn't know about.

"I feel sorry for you Takeshi," she said.


I moved towards the exit and heard the same bunch of guys rush towards me.

"That was so cool!"

I stopped, "exactly what part of that was cool"

He looked surprised. He closed his eyes and shrugged with a nervous smile, hand at his head.

"Er, you know, the whole tripping thing-"

"Idiot," I muttered. They persisted to walk beside me. Why, clearly they knew I didn't want them around. I found out the answer to that long ago. The weak surround the strong for different reasons... fear, protection, prospects of something greater.


"These are the main weapons you shall be using, therefore it is imperative to be well trained in their usage but more importantly, to quicken up your reactions," He threw each of us a wooden sword. I held mine out and practised a few swings. At that time I had never used a weapon, never had to, "I will pair you up now, then you will practice a few basic attacks and defences."

He moved around, touching their shoulders. The room we were in was large with a wooden floor and seats on one side for observers. He pitted me with the girl. After this he showed us some of the moves and left us to our own devices.

"Ready?" I asked. I could see the fear in her. Weird, she was scared of me yet she didn't gravitate to me like the others did. She had found something else.

I lunged at her before she could defend and hit her head. Tears welled. She closed her eyes, trying to wipe them away. 

"I will not cry," I heard her mutter.

"Pathetic," I snorted, "letting your emotions show means they have defeated you," I held up my sword again, "I will show you how true control aids your skills," I swung again. This time she held the sword up weakly to defend. The contact jarred her hand and she dropped it. I jabbed her in the stomach and she doubled over, gasping in pain. "You truly are pathetic, what hope do you have if you cannot attack or defend. You may as well go home."

She looked at me, again there was anger, but she seemed to be feeling pity again.

"It seems if I truly want to help you, I have to help you from yourself," she seemed resolved now.

"STOP SAYING THAT!" I rushed at her and hit her in the ribs. A look of shock flashed across her face as she fell to the ground. Her long hair covered her face. I stood next to her and rolled her over with my foot, "I despise the weak. If you want to help me, help yourself first!"

She looked up at me. Now the anger was taking hold.

"For all that you are doing to me," she said, "I will pay you back. Once I have saved you."


It was night whilst I was walking. I saw a figure up ahead. This was half a year into my first year. I realised the figure was a girl. As she got closer, I made her out to be the girl who had been bugging me for so long. Come to think of it, I hadn't seen her in a few weeks. I'd barely noticed.

With extraordinary speed, she moved passed me. I wondered where she went. Then I felt an arm move around my head and a blade touched my throat.

"I tried to help you, but it didn't work. I tried to change you, but you are unchangeable, aren't you Takeshi Kurokami. Therefore I resolved that the only way to cause any impact upon you was to get stronger. Hence now I show you that you are way out of your league with me. In a sense, I truly like you Takeshi. But you have changed me into a person I never wished to be and so I hate you too. Part of me wishes to inflict pain for all the pain you caused me. However I will be content to hear you beg for your life."

"I will never beg. If I die here, by your hands, then I deserve it."

"Really?" she seemed to loosen a little, "finally I am beginning to understand your logic. At first I believed it was anger and arrogance, but now I see that you have a higher ideal than yourself. You truly are a warrior. You believe that the strong should persevere and the weak deserve what they get. I don't know whether I that is a compliment or an insult."

"In your case, I would say the latter."

"Ha," she sniffed, "you should be careful, it is I who has the advantage. I've been training for this moment."

"Then your training was wasted-" I grabbed her arm and twisted it so that it and I was behind her back "-yet I admire your skill, such a valuable manoeuvre. How I wish you would teach it to me. Unfortunately, I shall make sure you can't use your legs for a while-"

She stomped on my foot and placed her hands on my shoulders whilst she looked away from me. She flipped herself up so that she was handstanding on my shoulders. She was surprisingly, then at that moment, she swung herself down and kneed me in the back.

"You were saying about using your legs?" she whispered in my ears. I was completely paralysed, "like I said, your way out of your league with me," she rolled me over, crouching low, looking me right in the face. "I will teach you that move, but you'll have to do something for me."

"What?" I croaked. She smiled and kissed me on the cheek. "Highly inappropriate. What is your name anyway?"

"Hm," she sat on my chest, "all this time and you still don't know," she wagged her finger, "naughty buy," she tapped my nose as if I were a dog. This girl was truly infuriating. I'd have to find that Soul Reaper and get him to train me so I could beat her. "It's Mia, Mia Mishima. Don't forget it."


I felt a sudden rise in spiritual pressure. I looked up but the two were already finished. There was a strange gas floating about.

"Class dismissed!" the tutor turned around to Michisike and Arcelli, "except you two."



The End

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