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"Alright lets see how long you can last under my incredible strength."  Michisike said. At the moment everyone was laughing at him. I had a feeling he suffered from massive arrogance, and stupidity, and probably didn't have this "power" he claimed to have.

" You know dogs that bark to much are usually given a good kick to shut up." I retort as I unsheathe my four foot Zanpakuto with its mysterious yellow sided edge.

"Someone with a strange looking Zanpakuto could never beat me."

"Is that so?" I say, " Lets test this."

He charged first his Riatsu rising already, and the fight hadn't officially begun but I didn't care. He jumped up, but I could sense he was going to appear behind me with Shunpo.  However he just continued to come down.  But I was ready for either or. Just before he came into my swords length he disappeared. I turned blocking his Zanpakuto. 

" That was pretty predictable." I say into his surprised face. I force him backwards with a strong swing, he began to slide backwards, he lost his balance.  I charge up to him and swing down causing him to bring his sword horizontally across. His knee crashed into the ground as he did his best to not let my edge cut his shoulder.  

" I know someone who has no soul reaper powers who puts up a better fight than you." I said to dig into his arrogance which was slipping away. Instead of getting angry like the usual rich kids do he brought his red face up.

" I'm only getting started!"  He shouted as his spiritual pressure builds up even further.  I admit it was powerful as the pressure caused a strong breeze hit my chest.  He easily pushed my sword up, and I backed off accordingly as a strong violet colour surrounded him.  He swung his sword the violet coloured Riatsu disappeared slightly but clung onto him as he charged holding his Zanpakuto behind him. He didn't use shunpo as he brought his sword down upon mine. Even with his impressive show of force I did not struggle underneath the opposing force as I slid backwards a meter, it was no different than fighting my physically strong father only his strength was spiritual pressure. With a small amount of my own I get him to shoot into the air and back to his original position.

I was getting a bit bored this seemed to be more of a show off of powers not actual fighting. I guess maybe I should be the one attacking now that this is all he has shown me. My Riatsu rose two fold of his as the orange  swept over his like a wave.  He did not show fear, at least not yet.

"My turn!" I yell before muttering, " Shunpo." I appeared at his side and sliced him across the arm before he could react. This guy really had no skill how was he going to help me achieve Shikai if he could hardly fight? He turned around and charged, I deflected the attack bring his sword to the ground before kicking him back into the wall.

"Come on, At least make this interesting! Seriously I'm supposed to be the weakest one here!"

He stepped out of the dust that surrounded him, his spiritual pressure rose once again except this time it was violent, very violent.

"That's it! I will crush you! Reveal your Malice Viceal!" His sword burst into purple as it twisted and changed into a gauntlet that went around his arm with many spikes, and with purple flames surround each spike. In his fist protruded a two foot long spike. His Riatsu was probably at its peak output now.

"Alright, this is better." I smile, using shunpo My blade met his gauntlet, with a clang !

"I wouldn't get to close fresh meat." He said as one of the spikes grew , and exploded outwards. I raised my sword quickly deflecting it as it went past my head. I Backed off as a flurry of them came at me. I was not fast enough to block, So I jumped but even then I was grazed across the abdomen,arm, and legs.  I landed on the ground notice we were being watched by a majority of the class. None of them seemed to disappointed so far.  I looked at my wounds quickly they were superficial but yet they hurt a lot, like a poison or something.  I had a feeling those spikes were more then just riatsu filled projectiles.  But what were they then?  I got up waiting for his next move. He had the advantage now, he didn't have to worry about me getting to close to him because of his shikai it would be hard to get around those projectiles, plus It seemed even if I got into sword length he still had the ability to fight in close combat. He jumped above me pointing the main spike on his fist at me which began to glow violet, with the flames.

"Not so confident now you miserable piece of filth!"  He yelled releasing the  spike which grew in size.

"MICHISIKE! STOP IT!" The Tudor yelled obviously too late. 

I didn't know what I was up against but I wasn't afraid, at least not yet. I let the full force of my Riatsu fill the battle area,  Spike was now rate on top of me, I raised my sword hitting it rate on the spike, I slid backwards all the way to the wall , leaving divots on the ground. I held my ground waiting for the spike to explode but it didn't.  I could feel my strength giving out. Only one thing was left to do. I closed my eyes in meditation. The world of  darkness came over me.

" Hello! I'm here again , and I promise this time you words will not go unheard. Please just tell me your Name!" I shout into the darkness, but behind me the warmth of the light was already coming. I turned around to meet my Zanpakuto face to face. Half of his bode emanated a dark blackness that seemed to poor into the liquid like surface below our feet. While the other half was bright and nearly blinding. I put my hand over my eyes.

"I'm sorry Arcelli. Is this better!" A kind calm voice said.

"Yeah that's much better!" A darker voice said from the same lips.

"I wasn't talking to you." the other said calmly said.

"Sorry?" I manage to say while my Zanpakuto spoke to himself.

"Oh sorry we have been ignoring you haven't we?"The lighter said.


"Yes we, you have a problem with we Arcelli?" The darker said.

"Erm no. Just a bit confused."

"We are one but I conflicted myself for I represent both light, and darkness the conflicting identities created another personality. I am the lighter." The lighter explained.

"And I am the darker."

"Is that what you call yourselves?"

"No, we both go by Haruto! Will you remember our name Arcelli?"the lighter said.

"Yes! I will, I have one thing more to ask you Haruto. Will you teach me how to release your Shikai form and lend me your strength?"the lighter said.

"Of course, Just remeber that we shine in darkness."

"Arcelli let us finish that self absorbed kid!"  The darker said.

The dark and left world faded as I returned to the soul society, my orange riatsu swirled around the base of my feet the spike was still pressing down upon me as Haruto and I held it up with our collect strength he transformed into a longer sword with saw like teeth on the yellow side, and on the black was three holes. One near the point of the blade one in the middle on the black side, and one above the hil crossing the yellow, and black side.  I pressed forwards the yellow released a bright light that cut right through the spike, causing  Michisike Riatsu to disperse. He looked in surprise at me as launched myelf at him flipping the black part of Haruto's blade at him. Our Zanpakuto's collided with each other for the last time as the dark part of the blade released a mist which rushed over Michisike causing him to fall to his knees. His Zanpakuto returned to its Katana state as did Haruto. What did the mist do to him?


The End

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