The Drunken Gambling MasterMature


“IDIOTIC, INCOMPETENT...IMBECILES!” I clenched my fist till it was white, my eyes bulged and it felt like the vein in my head was ready to explode, “YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO AT LEAST GET HIM TO FIGHT YOU. I DIDN’T EVEN CARE IF YOU LOST!” they shrunk under my wrath.

“S-sorry but the captain crippled us with his spiritual pressure and the guy took off.”

“I DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOUR LAME EXCUSES! SUCK IT UP AND ACT LIKE MEN YOU DUMBASSES!” I raised my arms and they ran for it, “GET BACK HERE BEFORE I GET REALLY ANGRY! HEY! YOU HEAR ME?” I chased them for what felt like half an hour before catching up with them. “right then, what tortures shall I inflict on you two?” I smiled at them.


“What did you do?” I could hear her reprimanding me in her voice. She tried to sit up but I placed my hand on her shoulder.

“Look outside,” I looked at her sheepishly and followed her gaze. They were hanging from the boxers off two massive poles.

“How did you get them up their?” she looked really surprised. I half smiled.

“Not without some difficulty,” I scratched the back of my head, “I’m gonna have to go soon, Kichirou’s waiting.”

“You don’t have to waste all your time here Takeshi, don’t feel guilty for me,” she smiled up at me. How could I not?

“You’re right, there are better things I could be doing,” I moved to the door, turned around, “just don’t die on me or anything,” she laughed a little.


“Finally, you've arrived.”

“Well it’s not easy leaving the Seretei without permission. Especially to visit an ex-Soul Reaper,” he turned his head as he sat in front of the fire and threw a bottle at me. I caught it before it could smash. As usual, I felt the slight pressure of his reiatsu hinder my breathing.

“Enough of that, you’ve improved much from that little kid I fought 3 years ago, so enjoy some Sake and we’ll continue with where we left off last week,” I looked at the sake and placed it on an armchair, “oh it’s rude to reject my offer,” he frowned then smiled nonetheless. He was a cheerful looking guy with tanned skin and shoulder length black hair that stuck out oddly from underneath his red bandanna. He wore some colourful robes and on his back was slung his Zanpaku-to in its sheath.  

“When will you show me your shikai?” I blurted out.

“I told you, when you are ready,” his eyes were closed, “just shut up and meditate for a while,” I clenched my fist but sat down next to him in silence, “feel your spiritual pressure, detect the pressure that radiates from me and everyone else around us. Feel the ribbons flow in the air,” I closed my eyes and did as he asked, “I can feel yours, it gets stronger daily. But there is something odd about it,” he frowned then as something broke his concentration, “very odd.”

“So what are we going to do today?”

“Well we shall drink some sake as we sir beside the fire and engage in some light gambling and as we do this, I want you to tell me everything that has happened this last month. Then probably more work on your tactics and your kidó - don’t whine kid, if you ever want to make Captain some day you have a hell of a long way to go,” I sighed inwardly. I thought I was already strong but I kept being told this. Just what did I have to do to be strong enough? “Now let’s get to work, we have lot’s to do and you have another lesson soon I believe... plus I have lots of sake to get through and some friends from the Rukon District are coming over soon.”

“You should lighten up on the stuff Kichirou-“

“Hey, they don’t call me the drunken master for nothing – nor the gambling master,” he winked.


“This is below him, HA!” I roared with laughter, some of my friends joined in, “Michisike couldn’t crack a nut with that thick skull of his... I hope that new guy beats his ass,” more laughter as I folded my arms again, “hmph,” that’s exactly why I hated these noble family types, always using the advantages given to them on a silver platter at birth to get what they want. And the new guy, just what I needed, another person to look out for. To be honest though, he was the least of my worries right now. I looked over at Kiyoshi, clearly preparing himself for another onslaught. I just had to figure out a way to do something he wouldn’t expect. Keep him on his toes.

When Mia gets better, I’ll have her confront him. Doubtless he’s starting to figure this whole situation out and I want to have him sussed before he starts to suspect me. 

The End

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