"Come on is that all you got?!" He yelled as I flew backwards in the air, I landed one knee on the ground. He didn't give me the chance to get back up as he charged forwards.  Instead of blocking I rolled out of the way. The ground cracked under the impact of the blow. It was truly amazing how strong he was and he did not have any spiritual pressure.  I'm on my feet now, I bring my Zanpakuto across blocking his powerfull blow that had me sliding backwards.

"You never going to beat me Arcelli if your going to hold back!" My father roared.

I didn't want to raise my spiritual pressure though because he had none, it wouldn't be a true victory if I beat him by using his disadvantages to my advantage.

"I won't, use my Riatsu against you." I say swinging my blade full force sending him on his heels. Now it was my turn! Bringing myself forwards I bring my sword down directly down upon him. He managed to block but he was off balance, I brought him to his knees. With my more agile body I jump over his counter attack, and flip behind him bring my sword just above his shoulder.

"I wi.." I was stopped as he punched me in the stomach. With three other quick movements I found myself gasping on the floor, with my Zanpakuto on the other side of the room.

"To reach your Shikai you should be willing to mean me harm, you cannot go between. In a real fight you would have had to cut me!"

"Your my father, this is crazy!"  I get up spitting a small amount of blood.

"That is true but what if one day you have to fight your best friend? Or a comrade or your older brother?" I felt anger boil up inside me, how dare he suggest my older brother? My Riatsu rose dangerously his eyes widened in anticipation, even though he struggled against the pressure. I ran toward him and Punched him hard in the face sending him into a rock wall that surrounded the courtyard, The impact of the hit left a crater in the rock with cracks reaching all over it. He also spat up blood as he brought himself up weakly. Out of fear of what I did my spiritual pressure vanished.

"That's more like it." He coughed weakly falling to the ground I rushed over and caught him.

"I'll be alright." He said quietly before whispering," I'm sorry, you needed to seethe power you were holding back."

"Your very foolish Dad..." I lectured but paused to see him dozing off into sleep.

The next morning, I introduced myself to the class quickly with more confidence then I usually had. "My name is Arcelli, some may have met me yesterday." I gave a glance to the one who shot off a kido at me, I smiled I wasn't angry just disappointed in myself," Hopefully I will prove myself to all of you."

The tutor took over getting the class to team up with their respective Sparring partners, as they did so someone dressed out of uniform with a scar running down their face walked up to the yard. His eyes were deep blue, and he had a cocky smile. He wore a black vest showing off his well built muscles, and black shorts.

"Michisike!" The instructor turned to the boy angerly," Why aren't you in uniform?"

"I'm above all of this. Why should I have to be subjugated to wearing those lousy uniforms?"  In his words it was obvious he was very arrogant, but his voice super imposed his arrogance. The teacher got even more angry.

"Your washing this whole wing after your Dismissed."

"Oh yeah what makes you think I'm going to do that?"

" I will have you expelled from the academy if you don't!"

" I don't think my parents would let you."

This boy was infuriating. The tutor calmed.

"I'll make a deal with you, you'll be sparring with one of our new transfer students. If you win, you won't have to wear the uniforms, or clean this whole wing. If you lose, you will have to wear the uniform, and clean the wing."

"pfft alright show me this loser." He said.

Great I had to fight this arrogant brat!

"Arcelli come over here, meet your sparring partner." The tutor. I walked up pretending I didn't hear that conversation," Arcelli this is Michisike, Michisike, this is Arcelli."

"Hi." I say holding out my hand. He did nothing but stare at me squaring me up, then laughed. 

"This is going to be a walk in the park!"

I don't think this sparring partnership was going to last very long because he was already pissing me off.


The End

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