That sparring session was tough the first time in the academy I was on the back foot for the entire fight.  I made the mistake of underestimating my oponent i knew he would change tactics but not this much.  And the transfer student arived today even though most people didn't seem to notice.  He is closer then he thinks.  If Takeshi hadn't let off that Soren Sokatsui in his direction he probably would of managed it.  I guess i should be more concerned with who is trying to follow me today it's not the usual stalker.  I took a the path that goes by the 11th squads area but knew they wouldn't fall for that.  I guess this tells me they aren't working alone.  There's two of them this time. There's another thing about this Their spiritual pressure is less then the usual stalker.  i steped down a back alley this should be good enough.  They ran past without stopping to think.  I recognised them.  Two people from the academy Taika and Suzu this would be good enough.   They knew they had to catch me before i reached the 2nd squads area.  So i'll let them.  I stepped out behind them and called to them.

"looking for someone?" They seemed surprised that i had managed to trick them.  I was surprised the first time I was disoriented by Kenpachis spiritual pressure as well.

"I guess you saved us the trouble of looking for you." Suzu said.  I had to supress a laugh.  They couldn't tell yet.

"I guess it's not a question about the homework then."  I did laugh this time.  Suzu lunged uexpectedly.  I leaned to the left as he collapsed Taika didn't see what had happened but it didn't take long for him to find out.  without a movement from me he collapsed under the wieght of kenpachis approach.  Kenpachi who had just removed his eye patch accidentally won the fight for me.  I staggered abit even though i had gotten used to soi fons spiritual pressure there was still a staggering difference between them.  I waited for a few seconds finding breathing difficult then felt sudden relief Kenpachi had put his patch back on and the two while being unable to move regained consciousness.

"now who sent you to fight me?"  I asked calmly.

They didn't understand what had just happened.  The academy doesn't teach you what happens when there's too much spiritual pressure for your body to handle.  

"What was that?" Suzu managed to mumble

"That's not important right now.  Who sent you?"  I repeated.

"If you'd rather be taken to squad 2 and let them interogate you i'd be more then happy to oblige." They must of known that much at least.

"Ok it was Mia." He was terrified

"Thank-you." I said then took them both clear of Kenpachi and left them saying "Wait here for w while then you can go home." I didn't wait but as I walked toward home they tanked me.  I just continues walking. That explains alot.  Especially how they got past the guards Mia is good at stealth.  This means it will be hard to avoid detection.  She must have been the one in my room last night.

The End

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